Best Luxury Rooms In Tokai

Here're best Luxury Rooms in Tokai. We released a ranking of reviews about Luxury Rooms posted by travel influencers who have actually been to Tokai.

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LAGUNA BAYCOURT CLUB in Gamagori, Aichi Prefecture. It's near LAGUNA TEN BOSCH. It's a nice membership hotel. If you have a chance to eat lunch or something to do, you should come.

Address:2-9-1 Kaiyo-cho, Gamagori-shi, Aichi

Access:5 min by car or taxi from Mikawa Otsuka Station.




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Snows on the mountain dazzle and Hida River makes a indescribable beautiful snowscape. In the building ' Rinsen-kaku', all rooms have balconies where the superb view of Hida can be seen.

Address:1268 Koden, Gero-shi, Gifu



A luxury inn in the Izu Kogen. There are various room types of villas. Nespresso coffee and tea machines are also available, and drinks in the refrigerator are free. This is the best inn for your stay. This villa is a maisonette type room. The living room and dining room are on the first floor, and the bedroom and open-air bath are on the second floor.

Address:1741ー42, Izukogen, Ito-shi, Shizuoka, Japan

Access:7 min by car, from Izukogen Station




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A classic hotel of a Tangible Cultural Asset and a Heritage of Industrial Modernization. The indigenous cherry trees to Izu, such as Kawazu-zakura and Oshima-zakura, and as many as 9000 cherry trees reach the best season one by one from the end of January! We can enjoy the early long spring of Izu with a beautiful European style architecture.

Address:1459 Kawana, Ito-shi, Shizuoka

Access:15 min by shuttle bus from JR Ito Station (Reservation needed). By car or taxi, 15 min from Ito Station, or 5 min from Kawana Station.


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