Best Lunch Restaurants In Hokkaido・Tohoku

Here're best Lunch Restaurants in Hokkaido・Tohoku. We released a ranking of reviews about Lunch Restaurants posted by travel influencers who have actually been to Hokkaido・Tohoku.

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Address:25-1-31 Nishi, Minami 2-jo, Chu'ou-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

Access:2 min walk from Maruyama Koen Park Station. 15 min by car or taxi from Sapporo Station.



Top Review:Teori Zushi Of An Old Japanese House Cafe

Teori Zushi (a kind of sushi which is colorful and arranged beautifully) of Kamado Saryo, a Japanese style cafe whose building were renovated from an old house built 70 years ago. Many kinds of foodstuff are all so colorful and beautiful that I want to appreciate them more without eating them. To roll the vinegared rice and seafood with laver by myself is also one of the attractions. Maruyama Teori Zushi is offered while stocks last, so you should make a reservation beforehand.



Address:90-26 Rankoshi, Chitose-shi, Hokkaido

Access:By car or taxi, 10 min from Chitose Airport, 15 min from Chitose Airport, 50 min from Sapporo Station.



Top Review:Enjoy Delicious Lunch Together With Bird Watching

While watching pretty wild birds, I enjoyed delicious hot sandwiches. The cup of Long-tailed Tit is lovely♡ There's a room for taking pictures of birds beside the cafe. The nature photo gallery of a photographer Tadashi Shimada adjoins the cafe.



Address:11 Takko Takko-machi, Sannohe-gun, Aomori

Top Review:Garlic Stake Gohan With Various Taste Of Garlic

You can eat grilled beef, pork and chicken on the rice topped with garlic by 'Garlic Stake Gohan'. Full of garlic in the appetizers, drinks and desserts!

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