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Here're best Park in Japan. We released a ranking of reviews about Park posted by travel influencers who have actually been to Japan.

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Address:Senri Banpaku Koen, Suita-shi, Osaka

Access:The nearest stations are Banpaku Kinen Koen Station, and Koen Higashi-guchi (East Gate) Station. The nearst IC is Chugoku Suita IC. 5min from both Meishin Suita IC, and Kinki Suita IC.

Seasonal flower gardens are in full bloom at Expo'70 Commemorative Park. Autumn flowers are cosmos. Please visit the cosmos field in full bloom.


Address:960-1 Obiki Yura-cho, Hidaka-gun, Wakayama

Access:10 min by car, from Kiyura Station

There are so many terrains that I can't put them on the picture! There were a lot of superb views that I want you to see once! Wakayama where you can see such a wonderful scenery for free! It's too amazing!

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