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Here're best Instagrammable Float in Asia. We released a ranking of reviews about Instagrammable Float posted by travel influencers who have actually been to Asia.

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Kissa Zou

6 Review

Kissa Zou is a cafe with good-old atmosphere that has just opened on 4/11! Their best-seller ice cream soda has a variation of red, blue and green, and has a lovely 'cookie of Zou (elephant)' as a topping. An-butter Toast (azuki bean jam with butter) for only this Kyoto store is best for breakfast!

Address:3-440-3 Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Access:12 min walk from Imadegawa Station


Closed:Mon,1st・3rd Tue


A cafe Otenki parlor with the concept of "weather" on the first floor of a strange hotel, which is a 1-minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station. What I received was sky blue cream soda (Aozora) and cloud pudding. A cream soda with a beautiful clear blue color based on apple soda. The cloud pudding was delicious with a cute cloud coaster and a plump texture.

Address:46-1 Takama-cho, Nara-shi, Nara, Japan

Access:1 min walk, from Nara Station





1 Review

Cream soda named 'Duet' that has been on sale for 20 years. They told that the glass was specially ordered for this menu. I like this retro and cute atmosphere!

Address:9-13-23 Kameyama, Asaita-ku , Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima

Access:7 min by car or taxi from Aki Kameyama Station



Kissa Zoumeshi is a popular cafe with retro mood. Lunch, familiar sweets and seasonal sweets, are very fascinating. They're all delicious and also have lovely appearances. It's located in a walkable area from Nagoya Station, and you can eat the local food of Nagoya here.

Address:1-24-13 Kikui, Nishi-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

Access:12 min walk from Sakou Station


Hours:10:00-18:00 [Sat・Sun]10:00-21:00



Cafe Cherish

3 Review

Ice cream soda of beautiful gradation, Mermaid Float. It's like a beautiful mermaid swimming in the blue sea. It's a delicious, lovely and fashionable drink, isn't it?

Address:4-6 Toujiji-cho, Sagaru, Nijo, Yanaginobamba, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Access:6 min walk from Karasumaoike Station





Kissa Cafeteria is a retro cafe in Kagawa. Melon soda and strawberry soda are served together in one glass. They also offer many kinds of parfait.

Address:Harada-cho 575-4 , Zentsuji-shi, Kagawa

Access:5 min by car or taxi from Konzoji Station




Feries Iuen

28 Review

Ferrier offers cute, delicious and memorable dream-like sweets one by one. Introducing a very cute drink this summer. Rabbit-chan's cream soda with delicious ice cream. You can choose from pink, blue, and purple [3 colors]. The theme of afternoon tea in July and August is the Kingdom of the Sea.

Address:1-1-4 Kitahorie, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Access:1 min walk, from Yotsubashi Station




10 Review

The fishbowl is quite large, and there are many dill and goldfish jelly that look like seaweed swimming in the fishbowl. The dog's face is attached to the candy with meringue. Every face is different, so it's cute. Water and goldfish are drawn on the candy with food coloring. The soda is full of vanilla ice cream, orange dried fruits, light blue jelly and panna cotta.

Address:4 Dojocho, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan

Access:3 min walk, from Marutamachi Station


Closed:Tue,2nd Mon


The name of this parfait with beautiful bright green is "melon soda". The parfait here is supervised by Kaminoge's popular cafe, L'atelier a mafason, and you can enjoy a beautiful and delicious parfait like the la'atelier a mafason. It is also attractive that the menu changes depending on the season.

Address:3-17-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Access:3 min walk, from Futagotamagawa Station




"Unomachi Coffee Shop" has finally entered Tokyo! I have been drinking the long-sought cream soda. Coupled with the birds in the glass, "Ao" looks like a blue sky, and "Aka" looks like a sunset. Cream soda with a refreshing sweetness that you can enjoy lightly. The seasonal fruit Brulee parfait is also photogenic.

Address:21-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Access:3 min walk, from Shibuya Station




Kissa Dope

1 Review

There is a coffee shop in the daytime where you can line up on weekends, and this shop in the bar at night, "Impurity Cafe Dope". We recommend the retro "Nitro Coffee" and the colorful "Cream Soda" that shines. There is also a nostalgic "pudding" and a "naporitan" that you just want to eat. Please stop by when you come to Nakano!

Address:193 Arai, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Access:5 min walk, from Nakano Station



The strongest retro cute coffee shop that just opened in Shibuya on November 1st. There are many coffee shop-like menus such as Nanairo Cream Soda (650 yen each), omelet rice (900 yen), crepe (1000 yen), and pudding à la mode (1000 yen). The recommended seats are colorful semi-private rooms. People who have a recommended color are also recommended for pushing activities.

Address:2-22-16 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Access:1 min walk, from Shibuya Station



Kissa Nikai

2 Review

I ate the spring cherry blossom menu at the popular coffee shop "Café Nikai" in Nippori, Tokyo. The cherry-colored cream soda only for this season shines on the blue wall and inside the blue miscellaneous goods store. It's a cream soda with a clean and low sweetness, so it goes well with sweets.

Address:6-3-8, Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Access:8 min walk, from Nippori Station






1 Review

A cafe attached to the vintage stationery store THINGS'N' THANKS around Tokyo Sky Tree. The photo is ink cream soda (770 yen). You can make your own cream soda by choosing two colors of your favorite ink (syrup). I chose a combination of pink and blue. A fountain pen-shaped cheese cookie is also included.

Address:1-21-10 Narihira, Sumida-ku, Tokyo Japan

Access:3 min walk, from Oshiage・Tokyoskytree Station




I drank cream soda offered only in the summer at the popular cafe "feel free coffee." At Nishi-Chiba Station. One of the charms of this cafe is the cookie with the "F" motif of feel free. If you add it to cream soda, it will become a photogenic cream soda, so please take a picture with everyone.

Address:2-18-8 Matsunami, Chiba-shi, Chiba, Japan

Access:4 min walk, from Nishichiba Station



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