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Here're best Instagrammable Art in Asia. We released a ranking of reviews about Instagrammable Art posted by travel influencers who have actually been to Asia.

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On June 21st in 2018, Digital Art Museum opened at Odaiba, Tokyo. There's various art occupying every room, and it's completely another world. It must become a popular tourist spot in Tokyo.

Address:Odaiba Palette Town 138 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Access:5 min walk from Tokyo Teleport Station, 5 min walk from Aomi Station. 20 min by car from Shinagawa Station. Toll parking area is available.

Hours:11:00-19:00 [Tri]11:00-21:00 [Sat]10:00-21:00 [Sun・Holidays]10:00-19:00

Closed:2nd・4th Tue


The Museum of Sculpture in Hakone is a museum that is created in beautiful nature and is a walking tour in nature. There are many things to see such as the beautiful lawn and the symphony that brings happiness because the stand glass is a beautiful observatory! It will be a pretty photo spot wherever you take a photo.

Address:1121 Ninotaira Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa

Access:2 min walk from Chokoku-no Mori Station. By bus, 18 min from Hakone Yumoto Station to Ninotaira Iriguchi, then walk 5 min. By car, 60 min from Atsugi IC, or 30 min from Gotemba IC.




Mikawa Craft Glass Museum in Aichi Prefecture. At first glance, the museum looks like a human home, but there is a wonderful space inside. The work that I create by joining the kaleidoscope is artistic. It's a spot that makes you want to go all the way.

Address:5, Tomiyama-cho, Nishio-shi, Aichi

Access:10 min by car, from Nishio Station



Closed:Mon,1st Tue


'Swimming Pool' is one of the most famous works of 21st Century Museum Of Contemporary Art Kanazawa. On sunny days, the ripples reflect beautifully like this picture. When you take pictures, use continuous-shooting to make you look floating in the water.

Address:1-2-1 Hirosaka, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa

Access:10 min by bus from Kanazawa Station. By car, 20 min from Kanazawa Higashi IC, or 2.6 km from Kanazawa Station.




This museum is the first painting garden in the world. Michelangelo "The Last Judgment" is about 14m high! This place is a little far from Kyoto station.

Address:Kitayama, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan

Access:1 min walk, from Kitayama Station




At Ikuchi Island of Shimanami Coastal Road, Kousanji Museum has a white and huge marble art created by a sculptor active in Italy. Enjoy the photogenic space with the island's beautiful scenery.◎A former temple has become a museum. Entrance Fee: adult¥1400 college student¥1000 high school student¥800

Address:553-2 Setoda Setoda-cho, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima

Access:, Ikuchijima-Island, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima, Chugoku, Japan, Asia




A white huge stainless steel art got an idea from the 28th new island of Naoshima Island. You can enter the art and feel like floating in the sky. Taking pictures as your imaginative way.◎Near Miyanoura Port. You can enjoy for free. Let's go to see it first after you arrive by a ferry.

Address:Naoshima-cho, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa

Access:The roadside near Miyaura Port


At a lobby of Mifuneyama Rakuen Hotel in Saga Prefecture, the art designed by a worldwide art group 'team lab'. Anyone can enter the lobby without admission fees if you don't stay the hotel, but visitors need to order something to drink.

Address:4100 Otake, Takeo-shi, Saga

Access:8 min by bus from JR Otake Onsen Station to Mifuneyama Rakuen. By car, 5 min from JR Mifuneyama Station, 45 min from Saga city, 50 min from Saga Airport, or 70 min from Fukuoka Airport.



Walking through in the tunnel to the inmost, Kiyotsu Gorge, one of the three biggest gorges in Japan, waits you! The water is drawn in front of the exit, and the gorge is reflected on the surface beautifully! It must be excellent for your Instagram, isn't it?

Address:Koide, Tokamachi-shi, Niigata

Access:By car or taxi, 30 min from Echigoyuzawa Station, 110 min from Niigata city.



Taken with "Infinite Mirror Room"! Innumerable lights were shining, and I was able to experience a mysterious experience as if I were in outer space. Admission: 1,100 yen Period: July 30, 2020-March 29, 2021 (Monday) * Admission is a complete reservation and capacity system (90 minutes each time) with a designated date and time.

Address:107 Benten-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Access:7 min walk from Waseda Station




Shouju-in Temple is famous for the lovely heart-shaped window called Inome-mado. Not only the window, I was fascinated with the beautiful paintings on the ceiling that are different one by one. In summer, you can also enjoy tea in the beautiful sounds of wind bell.

Address:149 Kawakami Okuyamada Ujitawara-cho, Tsuzuki-gun, Kyoto

Access:By bus, 30 min from JR Uji Station or Kintetsu Shintanabe Station to Ichumae, and change bus to Okuyamada for 15 min, then walk 10 min. By car, 60 min from Kyoto city. Free parking area is available.




An observatory built lately in the site of Hakodateyama Lily Park. You can sit the steps and enjoy the panoramic view of Lake Biwa. Also, it's a photogenic place you can take pictures of you having the beautiful view all to yourself.

Address:4201-4 Hiokimae Imazu-cho, Takashima-shi, Shiga

Access:15 min by taxi from Omi Imazu Station to Gondola Sanroku Station, then 8 min by gondola. By car, 60 min from Otsu city to gondola station.


It's an area called Social Galaxy located at the fourth floor of Galaxy Harajuku. The photos of my Instagram image on the curved displays! We can have an exciting experience which we can have only here. Anyone can enter without any entrance fees.

Address:1-8-9 Jungumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Access:5 min walk from Harajuku Station




A biggest scale art museum that reproduces world's masterpieces by ceramic boards. Michelangelo's famous ceiling painting in Vatican, 'Cappella Sistina' is reproduced at full scale. I was so impressed that I had goose bumps in such an artistic room!◎It's known as a museum of the most expensive entrance fee (3240yen, advance ticket 3100yen), but you could be satisfied with their exquisite reproductions and large number of paintings. I think here is an only place where you can experience the world's arts at the same time.

Address:65-1 Fukuike Tosadomaura Naruto-cho, Naruto-shi, Tokushima

Access:By car, 3 min from Naruto Kita (North) IC, 25 min from Tokushima Airport, and 30 min from Tokushima Station. By bus, 30 min from Tokushima Airport, 70 min from Tokushima Station, 15 min from Naruto Station to Otsuka Kokusai Bijutsukan.





This museum was opened on the concept of "coexistence of nature, art and architecture". And you can enjoy the modern art works and the building itself with the feeling of island's nature. For it stands on a hill, you can see the nice seascape from the terrace.◎Access: from the nearest bus stop 'Tsutsuji-so', you can use free shuttle bus or go on foot. Or go by bicycle from a port. Admission Fee: ¥1030 No photo inside the museum.

Address:Godanji Naoshima-cho, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa

Access:Bus: get off at Tsutsuji-so, then change to a free shuttle bus. Bicycle: 30 or 40 min from Miyaura Port.




Red Pumpkin

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Yayoi Kusama's art work 'Red Pumpkin' located near a ferry port. You'll see it first just after you arrive at Naoshima. You can enter its inside. Let's take amusing photos of this photogenic art.◎At the open space of a ferry port at Miyaura. You can see it for free. Find it from a ferry deck just before arrival.

Address:2249-49 Miyaura Naoshima-cho, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa

Access:Open space just near Miyaura Port


At a town of tile, Tajimi City in Gifu Prefecture, Mosaic Tile Museum exhibits the history of various kinds of tiles. Tile is art! You can stuff a bag with as many tiles as you can for 500 yen.◎Entrance free: 300yen. In a stairwell area, you can take pictures of beautiful tiles with the blue sky.

Address:2082-5 Kasahara-cho, Tajimi-shi, Gifu

Access:17 min by bus from Tajimi Station to Mosaic Tile Museum. 25 min by car from Tajimi IC, or 15 min from Toki-minami Tajimi IC.




An art work '20th Century Recall' is located at Megijima Island, Kagawa Prefecture. A grand piano with sails at seaside, it looks like a sailing boat. What melody does it play? You can enjoy very photogenic art!◎Access: 20 min by ferry from Takamatsu Port. This piano art '20th Century Recall' is located beside the Migijima Port.

Address:80 Megi-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa


A dome-shaped observatory made of Japanese cypress that looks like a work of art on Mt. Rokko. The appearance is also nice, but if you go down the stairs to the basement, there is a wind room that is the trunk of the observatory. The inside of the Rokko Shidare tube is as cold as a cave, and the wind seems to play music. When you look up, it's a wonderful space with fantastic light coming in.

Address:1877-9 Gosukeyama Rokkosan-cho Nada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo

Access:10 min by bus from Rokko Mountain Top Station of cable car. By car or taxi, 30 min from Shin Kobe Station.




Goldfish Museum at a shopping moll Mina-ra in Nara Prefecture. We can feel relaxed with many kinds of goldfish exhibited beautifully.

Address:Mina-ra, 1-3-1 Nijo Oji Minami, Nara-shi, Nara

Access:10 min walk from Shin Omiya Station. 10 min by car or taxi from Nara Station. Free shuttle bus is available from JR Nara Station.



I feel like I jumped into a beautiful picture. The castle of light in the mirror that goes on forever. I was impressed by how the light shines while changing its color. I am fascinated by the fantastic beauty of Japan that uses the beauty of darkness and light.

Address:6-1 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Access:1 min walk from Shin Toyosu Station

Hours:10:00-22:00 [Sat・Sun・Holidays]9:00-22:00


At the highest mountain Washigamine in Megijima, the observatory commands a panoramic view of Seto Inland Sea, and what's more, fall foliage together. It's one of the things to see when you travel in the islands of Setouchi Area.◎It's located above Onigashima Cave. Access: take a bus to the cave and go up the steps.

Address:2633 Megi-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa

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