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At the popular patisserie hannoc in Nakazakicho, "Pistachio Festa" will be held for a limited time from May 13th to June 23rd, where the showcase will be filled with pistachio greens. A pistachio-making fair where pistachio menus appear not only for cakes but also for baked goods and drinks. This is a hot event for pistachio lovers.

Address:4-12 Banzai-cho, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan

Access:2 min walk, from Nakasaki-cho Station




Cafe Mamounia

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Pistachio ver. Appears in that popular Napoleon pie. BABBI's pistachio cream is used and it is insanely rich. Even crash pistachios are included, and it is unbearable for pistachio lovers. The delicious harmony of Zack Zaku's caramelized pie, sweet strawberries and pistachios is strictly prohibited.

Address:3-2-16 Kitanagasadori, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, Japan

Access:3 min walk, from Motomachi Station


Hours:12:00-18:00 [Tri・Sat]12:00-21:00

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