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Address:1241-5 Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa


Top Review:A Lobby Designed For The View Of Sanuki Fuji Mountains

Its lobby is modern and like a resort mood. When you take a sofa, you can see Sanuki Fuji mountains while enjoying a welcome drink.



4 Review

Address:3900 Ushimado Ushimado-cho, Setouchi-shi, Okayama

Access:20 min by bus, from Oku Station.


Top Review:A Pool Like A Temple In Greece

This is a hotel in Ushimado called Aegean Sea in Japan. It's proud of a pool like a temple in Greece!! It's located to be united with the sea behind.


Address:7-2 Hatoba-cho Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo

Access:4 min walk from Minato Motomachi Station. By car or taxi. 5 min from Motomachi Station, 10 min from San'nomiya Station, 15 min from Shin Kobe Station, or 20 min from Kobe Airport.


Top Review:A Robby Taking Us To A Luxury Room

Once you step in La Suite, you could find the lobby taking us a luxury room.


Address:6969-1 Murotomisaki-cho, Muroto-shi, Kochi


Top Review:A "Typhoon Terrace" in the Early-Morning

I was impressed by the energetic landscape of the Pacific and will never forget it.


Address:2-20 Dogosagidani-cho, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime


Top Review:Polka-Dots Café Produced By Kusama Yayoi

This café is designed in connection with a art work 'Dots Obsession'. The artist name is famous of course, and the work itself arouses my curiosity.


Address:559-6 Ryu Usa-cho, Tosa-shi, Kochi


Top Review:The Ocean View of Japanese Aegean Sea

This superb ocean view spreading in front of my eyes is like the Aegean Sea. I could enjoy a luxury time to my heart's content.


Arai Ryokan

1 Review

Address:970 Syuzenji, Izu-shi, Shizuoka


Top Review:The Building and Garden Full of Japanese Refined Tastes Loved by Great Writers

The Arai hotel itself is a registered cultural assets of Japan. They started in Meiji 5(A.D.1872), has history of many great writers having stayed here. The building, garden and the bath here have the original tastes.


Address:600 Gima Yomitanson, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa


Top Review:The 'Churaumi' Ocean View Pool Makes Guests Feel Elegant

The beautiful 'Churaumi' ocean is in front of the pool. In winter, the hotel also has a indoor heated pool.


Address:Karuizawa Oaza Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano


Top Review:A Large Garden of a Peaceful Lawn And Well Trimmed Trees

I wanna see and spread myself forever on the beautiful green garden. If the weather is good, it will heal you better.


Conrad Tokyo

8 Review

Address:1-9-1 Higashishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Access:1 min walk from Shiodome Station, or 7 min walk from Shimbashi Station. By car or taxi, 25 min from Haneda Airport, 15 min from Shinagawa Station, or 13 min from Tokyo Station.


Top Review:The Urban Resort Pool Illuminated by Office Buildings

The fantastical pool for only guests designed by the motif of a ink-wash painting and equips resort style furniture. And the stylish city view can be seen from there.


Address:1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-5220-1111

Top Review:A Luxury Breakfast in the Attic of Tokyo Station Only For the Hotel Customers

This atrium was rebuild from unused attic part of Tokyo Sta. The sunlight comes down from the big ceiling glass window and the spacious and fine room is for only the hotel customers. You can have a luxury and slowly breakfast enough.


Hotel Anaga

1 Review

Address:1109 Anaga, Minamiawaji-shi, Hyogo


Top Review:Mountains and the Sea, a Garden Pool of Resort Hotel

A garden pool like a Greek Palace. Surrounded by the nature, the good view of ocean. You can enjoy the resort atmosphere.


Address:1237 Tamatsukuri Tamayu-cho, Matsue-shi, Shimane


Top Review:A Library Standing Still in the Japanese Garden

There is a library space surrounded with the Japanese garden. You can read magazines and newspapars with a cup of coffe.


Address:132 Higashibarato Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido


Top Review:A Pool and Spa Resort in the Sweets Castle in Sapporo

The hotel is run by Chateraise a countrywide chain of sweets store. Just baked sweets smell around the shop. And hot water pool and a hot spring you can enjoy in cold winter in Hokkaido.


Address:354-1 Maezato, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa

Access:20 min by car, from Ishigaki Airport


Top Review:A Paradise Seen From the Window

A luxury hotel isn't it? A garden and a private beach seen from the ocean view room makes us feel like a paradise.


Address:gate's 8F 3-7-24 Nakasu Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka


Top Review:Easy Access To Hakata! Capsule Hotel Near Nakasu

On the subway Kukou(Airport) Line, connecting directly with Sta.Nakasukawabata, this hotel is good location to enjoy Hakata around trip. The rooms are separated for men and women. There is a cloakroom and free Wi-Fi is also equipped.



1 Review

Address:14-16 Horikoshi-cho Tennojiku, Osaka-shi, Osaka


Top Review:In a Back Alley of Tennouji Osaka, a Homelike Hotel

Osaka, Tennouji is crowded because of the Abeno Harukas. You visit a back alley of a busy street, there is a hotel standing still. They make us relaxed in the homelike and calm atmosphere.



1 Review

Address:Hotakaariake, Azumino-shi, Nagano


Top Review:A Mountain Cottage, Enzan-sou You Can Enjoy Beer And Sweets On The Top Of Mt.Tsubakuro-dake

I climbed Mt.Tsubakuro-dake in September the season of colored leaves. In the North Alps in Japan, only this mountain has white surface and called queen, the scenery is beautiful and is popular among woman. Enzan-sou has substantial eating house and prepare down-filled quilt to sleep. Furthermore, all staffs are young and kind!


Address:2-3 Akizuki-machi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki


Top Review:The Terrace Lounge Only for Guests to Relax while Seeing Nagasaki Night View

Guests staying at suite or royal room except for main building can drink and eat light meals freely in the terrace lounge. So, they can relax and spend luxury time while seeing Nagasaki night view.


Address:26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Access:5 min walk, from Shibuya Station


Top Review:The Japanese Modern Style Lobby Lounge Healing Busy Guests

The busy people can have precious time while seeing seasonal flower arrangements and trees over the large windows at the lobby lounge. You can find the Japanese style interior, and these are suitable for modern Shibuya.


Address:2995 Nishibunko Geisei-mura, Aki-gun, Kochi


Top Review:Resort Life Enjoying in Aki

I was surprised at the hotel's scenery with sea and pool like Hawaii. Why don’t you enjoy calm resort life in Aki.


Address:2-14-13 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo


Top Review:A Good Sense Guest House Backpackers Get Together From All Over The World

The first floor is a café and bar, the second staying space and the third common space. In the common space, you can read many guide books and use PC.


Address:1625 Arakawa, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa

Access:By car, 30 min from Ishigaki Airport, 15 min from Ishigaki Port Ritō Terminal.


Top Review:The Wave Sound Becomes BGM! The Sunset Seen From The Beach

Fusaki beach is a famous spot to see the sunset. The sunset scenery from the beach and 'Fusaki angel pier' will become your unforgettable memory.


Address:3-1-5 Sakae-cho, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa


Top Review:A Step Back In Time To The Beginning Of 1900s! A Long Established Japanese Hotel

Only 5 minute from Odawara Station. Hinode Ryokan started in Taisho era (around 1910s), and is rebuilt newly leaving tasteful mood of 100 years tradition. Once you step in to the entrance, you feel like you had stepped back in time to the beginning of Showa era!


Address:16-45 Oge Tosadomariura Naruto-cho, Naruto-shi, Tokushima


Top Review:Private Beach With The Scenery Of O'naruto Bridge

This hotel has a private beach and you can swim with a sidelong glance at O'naruto Bridge. It's nice for families and children for they prepare various kinds of activity.


B&B Asuka

1 Review

Address:55 Kawahara Asuka-mura, Takaichi-gun, Nara


Top Review:At An Ancient City Nara, An English Style B&B Filled With Warm Hearted Mood

Though it's a genuine Japanese style house at an eternal city Nara, there're some classic and antique furniture in the room, just like an English B&B. And they prepare English Breakfast that makes you immerse yourselves in an elegant mood.


Address:41-2 Suruga-machi, Nara-shi, Nara


Top Review:Easy Access To Nara Sta. & World Heritage Sites! A Guest House Popular Among People From Abroad

5 minutes walk from Nara Station. And it has an easy access to Kofuku-ji and Todai-ji temples. And more, although it's located the center of the city, it doesn't cost much. Since it started in 2010, people from over 50 countries have stayed here an international guest house.


Ryokan Mugen

1 Review

Address:548-1 Kitakodaimon-cho Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto


Top Review:Rice Boiled In Kamado & A Warehouse Bar At Ryokan Of An Old House Standing In Nishijin, Kyoto

A small hotel making the best use of the old house in Nishijin residential street. For the start of your journey, breakfast with rice boiled in kamado, a traditional cooking stove. On the night you want to feel relaxed, enjoy the drinks like whisky matured more than 16 years at 'Kura Bar' renovated from an old warehouse.


Address:1-3-6 Josei, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano


Top Review:Only 5 Minutes Walk From Matsumoto Castle. A Room With A Harmony Of Old & New

It opened in Matsumoto, Nagano in June of 2016. They renovated a house once used as a ryokan, Japanese traditional style hotel by their own hands. They have a Japanese style room with tatami floor, a wood stove and bar lounge in the center of 1F.

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Address:1241-5 Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa


Top Review:A Lobby Designed For The View Of Sanuki Fuji Mountains

Its lobby is modern and like a resort mood. When you take a sofa, you can see Sanuki Fuji mountains while enjoying a welcome drink.