Best Locations Used For Movies & TV Series In Asia

Here're best Locations Used For Movies & TV Series in Asia. We released a ranking of reviews about Locations Used For Movies & TV Series posted by travel influencers who have actually been to Asia.

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A super-dense residential area commonly known as "Monster Mansion" in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong, which was used as the location for the Hollywood movie "Transformers Lost Age". A different space where you can't say anything once you step in!

Address:King's Rd, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

Access:3 min walk, from Tai Koo Station


Maya Bay

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Phi Phi Island also became the stage of the movie called The beach. Unlike the deep blue sea of ​​Japan, the emerald green is transparent and has excellent transparency. You can reach it by doing island hopping from both Krabi and Phuket. You can swim with lots of colorful fish and Nemo, so it is a spot you should definitely visit.

Address:Maya Bay, Phi Phi Le Island, Krabi, Thai

Access:20 min by boat taxi, from Ko Phi Phi Don


Ghibli Park

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Ghibli's world view is reproduced in detail, and you can experience as if you were inside the work in Ghibli's large warehouse. In Arrietty's world, you can see plants and objects from the perspective of a dwarf, and Ghibli fans are sure to get excited!

Address:1533-1 Ibaragabasamaotsu, Ai・Chikyuhakukinenkoen, Nagakute-shi, Aichi, Japan

Access:5 min walk, from Ai・Chikyuhakukinenkoen Station


Hours:10:00-17:00 [Sat・Sun・Holidays]9:00-17:00



Like the scene of a movie "Sekai no chushin de ai wo sakebu (Cry for love in the center of the world)", why don't you have a talk?

Address:Ounoshita Aji-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa


Aji is famous for its stone production, and where a movie "Sekai no chushin de ai wo sakebu (Cry for love in the center of the world)" was shot.

Address:6392-91 Aji-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa


Address:140-1 Inoshiri Wakimachi, Mima-shi, Tokushima




The garden is at the west of Himeji Castle. Lots of green, waterfall, and gently swims the carp, in other word, Japanese style oasis. The scene sometimes appears in movies. You can buy the reasonable entrance common ticket of the garden and the castle.

Address:68 Hon-machi, Himeji-shi, Hyogo




Kajika Gaeru

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This Kajika frog is on Koitanihashi bridge. It has story that if you touch it, you will be given a good chance with someone. There was appeared in the movie 'Koitani-bashi'.

Address:608-3 Misasa Misasa-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori



2 Review

Here is the scene of Studio Ghibli's "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea" . I think this scenery attracts the people all over the world.

Address:844 Tomo Tomo-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima


Tokachi Farm

3 Review

This beautiful White Birch Street often appeared as a location in some movies and TV series. I associate this photogenic scenery with Britain.

Address:8-1 Komabanamiki Otofuke-cho, Kato-gun, Hokkaido

Access:40 min by bus from Obihiro Station to Otofuke High School. By car or taxi, 25 min from Obihiro Station, 45 min from Obihiro Airport, 150 min from Sapporo Station, or 120 min from Shin Chitose Airport.


Opened in 1926, known as the oldest prefectural botanical gardens in Japan, it cherished by people in Kyoto and also tourists. In recent years, it opens during the nights and holds illumination event. In 2016, the scene appears in Japanese movie and get into the news.

Address:Shimogamihangi-cho Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto





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Mt.Yufu-dake is a symbol of Yufuin. From now to early spring, it'll be nice to view it from a bank along Oita River flowing in the center of the town. The scenery of cherry blossoms that begin to bloom after canola flowers is famous as a location of TV dramas. You can enjoy the early spring in Kyushu Region.

Address:108 Kawaminami Yufuin-cho, Yufu-shi, Oita



Shimonada is an unmanned station at Iyo, Ehime Prefecture, and famous as a location for some movies, TVseries. It's located so close to the sea, you can see the beautiful scenery from here, and also the great setting sun.◎Be careful not to trouble the people living near here about car parking or anything else.

Address:3-8 Ookubo Futami-cho, Iyo-shi, Ehime

Access:25 min by car from Iyo IC. 50 min by train from JR Matsuyama Station.



A movie studio of an open set in a movie 'Twenty Four Eyes'. It has retro photogenic scenery and also the view of Seto Inland Sea. Let's take picturesque photos here.◎Near the set of a school building.

Address:Tannoura Shodoshima-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa

Access:Bus: gett off at 'Eigamura-mae (Studio Front). Car: 45min from Tonosho, 35min from Ikeda, 25min from Kusakabe, 15min from Sakate, 40min from Fukuda




Sugar Road

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Located at Kohamajima Island, Sugar Road is a straight road going through the sugar cane fields. It's so beautiful that it's been used as a location for TV dramas. Also, it's a very refreshing place to only ride a bicycle and go down the road.◎You can see the grown and tall sugar canes from summer to autumn at the both sides of the road.

Address:Sugar Road, Kohama, Taketomi-cho, Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa

Access:5min by car from Kohama Port.


It's very instagenic for you to wear kimono and walk across the bridge! I like the beautiful willow tree season from the early summer to autumn!

Address:Kitagumi Inari-cho Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Access:5 min walk from Higashiyama Station, 10 min walk from Sanjo Station


There's a lovely Cat Bus at Totoro Pass in Fukagawa. From here, you can see the whole night view of Fukagawa city, and beautiful starry sky behind Cat Bus. After that, I recommend you to visit onsen facility nearby, and make your cool body refreshed.

Address:Kunimi Otoe-cho, Fukagawa-shi, Hokkaido

Access:By car or taxi, 15 min from JR Fukagawa Station, 80 min from Sapporo Station, 90 min from Shin Chitose Airport, 60 min from Asahikawa Airport


Heart Rock

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It's a mysterious spot with a heart-shaped coral reef that had swelled and eroded for long ages. The beautiful ocean in front of your eyes, why don't you wish for happiness?

Address:Ikema Hirara, Miyakojima-shi, Okinawa

Access:By car or taxi, 30 min from Ikema Island


Sadabama (Akabaka) Beach has a historical site called Sadabama that has a connections with younger brother of the first king of Ryukyu Kingdom. You can see the whole beach from the rock. It had been a little known beach, but became famous as a music video location place for TWICE.

Address:583 Shoshi Nakijin-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa

Access:100 min from Naha Airport by car.


It's a ruin of war used as a testing ground of torpedo belonged to old Japanese navy during the time of war. This place appeared in a Japanese animated movie 'The Boy And The Beast'. Now, it's known as a photo spot for portrait or starry sky.

Address:Mitsugoe-go, Kawatana-cho, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki

Access:5 min by car or taxi from Ogushi-go Station


It's a park commands a whole view of Lake Suwa which is surrounded with town. It's said to be a location place of an animation movie 'Your Name'. The sunset and night view are beautiful, but we can see beautiful scenery and have good time whenever we visit. The observatory is next to the parking area. Bathroom is available.

Address:Kamisuwa 10399, Suwa-shi, Nagano

Access:10 min by car or taxi from Kamisuwa Station.


It is famous as a location for the manga "Lucky Star", but in the spring you can see the spectacular view of Kawazu cherry blossoms and rape blossoms.

Address:1-1, Washinomiya, Kuki-shi, Saitama, Japan

Access:3 min walk, from Washinomiya Station


There is a world of the movie "Whisper of the Heart" everywhere, so it is especially recommended for Ghibli lovers! 30 minutes by Keio Line from Shinjuku Station. It is about 10 to 15 minutes on foot from Seiseki-Sakuragaoka Station, but there may be individual differences as the slope continues.

Address:4-43-25, Sakuragaoka, Tama-shi, Tokyo, Japan

Access:12 min walk, from Seisekisakuragaoka Station.


Donguri Republic Ninenzaka store in the middle of Kyoto Ninenzaka. A healing space full of Ghibli goods and photo spots that is irresistible for those who like Ghibli. Above all, a photo spot that imitates a cute bus stop with the signboard of My Neighbor Totoro, which is right next to the entrance. Take a commemorative photo or make memories at a place just like a bus stop.

Address:363 Masuya-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan

Access:15 min walk, from Gionshijo Station



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