Best Tulips Spots In Asia

Here're best Tulips Spots in Asia. We released a ranking of reviews about Tulips Spots posted by travel influencers who have actually been to Asia.

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There're 157 kinds of and 300 thousand tulip, muscari, and hyacinth all around the garden, we can feel the arrival of spring. The entrance fees and parking area are free, and it's located near a famous Nabana-no Sato, so we can enjoy these two gardens together. The Tulip Festival in 2019 starts from March 25th!

Address:255-3 Aburajima Kaizu-cho, Kaizu-shi, Gifu

Access:20 min by bus from Ishizu Station to Kiso Sansen Park


160 thousand tulips in full bloom all around me. Together with the windmill, the scenery is like the Netherlands as we image. The best season of these tulip is the middle of April.

Address:2005-2 Fuse, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba

Access:20 min by car from Kashiwa IC (parking area is available). 15 min by bus from JR Abiko Station to Akebonoyama Koen Iriguchi, then 7 min walk. Or 30 min from JR Kashiwa Station to Tsuchiyazu Iriguchi, then 8 min walk.


Hitachi Seaside Park is very large! The blue flowers expanding like ocean at Nemophila's Hill, and even the tulips blooming between the trees are wonderful! Both walking and cycling could be nice, please enjoy these flowers thoroughly.◎Access: take train to Katsuta Station, then you can go to the park by bus or car. By the way, Nemophila's Hill is so crowded that it's difficult to take pictures without people. And, this park is very large, so you can rent a bicycle if you don't have much time.

Address:605−4 Onuma-aza Mawatari, Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki

Access:Bus: 29min from JR Katsuta Station, or 10min from Ajigaura Station. Get off at 'Kaihin Koen Nishiguchi'. Car: get off the speedway at Hitachi Kaihin Koen IC.




Flower City Park where you can see Mt. Fuji and Nemophila at the same time. Tulips were blooming in the free area outside the park and it was very beautiful. The blue of Mt. Fuji and the blue of Nemophila are beautiful like gradation.

Address:1650 Yamanaka Yamanakako-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi

Access:By Fuji Kyuko Bus, 30 min from Fujisan Station, or 50 min from JR Gotemba Station. By car, 70 min from Kofu city, 100 min from Yokohama, or 100 min from Shizuoka. Toll parking area is available.


Kimbuchi Forest Park is famous as a cherry blossom spot in Kagawa Prefecture. A pink tunnel formed from around the parking area is great enough. But what's more, the cherry blossom co-starring with tulip is more beautiful!

Address:1210-3 Higashi Ueta-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa

Access:By car, 40 min from Takamatsu Station, 20 min from Takamatsu Chuou IC, 30 min from Takamatsu Airport.


'The Most Beautiful Garden Of Cherry Blossom & Tulip In The World' with 1300 trees of cherry and 500 thousand tulips is now at their best to see. There're many places to take pictures, and there's also a zoo together, we can enjoy this place all day long.

Address:195 Kanzanji-cho Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka

Access:15 min by car or taxi from Okaji Station




In a large site, there're many places to see such as tulip ground pictures, flower valleys and flower beds on the water. It's as wonderful as Keukenhof Park in the genuine country, the Netherlands.◎Tonami Tulip Fair: around 4/20-5/5 Open: 8:30-17:30 Entrance Fee: adult¥1000 child¥300

Address:1-32 Hanazono-cho, Tonami-shi, Toyama


We can enjoy beautiful tulip fields in spring. A big bird covered with flowers is also very impressive! It's better for you to put on walk-easy shoes, for this park is bigger than you may expect.

Address:8-10 Yumebutai, Awaji-shi, Hyogo

Access:By car, 5 min from Awaji IC, or Higashiura IC.




There7re various kinds of 110 thousand colorful tulips! It's very impressive scenery! We all get excited with this beautiful carpet.

Address:Senri Banpaku Koen, Suita-shi, Osaka

Access:The nearest stations are Banpaku Kinen Koen Station, and Koen Higashi-guchi (East Gate) Station. The nearst IC is Chugoku Suita IC. 5min from both Meishin Suita IC, and Kinki Suita IC.


When I visited here, the moss pink and tulip are in full-bloom, and many people enjoyed taking pictures with smiles. It's happy for us to be able to use rest areas in every places, and also free to bring lunches by ourselves.◎Opening hours: April to July & September 9:00-17:00. October, November & March 9:00-16:00. Entrance Fee: Adults 300 or 500 yen, 6-12 years old 100 yen, under 6 years old free.

Address:1-1 Hirokaya Kouya-machi Uchigou, Iwaki-shi, Fukushima

Access:By car, 20 min from Iwaki Yumoto IC, 30 min from Iwaki Miwa IC, 15 min from Uchigo Station. By bus, from Iwaki Station to Yamasaki, then walk 7 min.


Shizuoka Prefectural Yoshida Park, known as a flower park, holds Tulip Festival in early spring, 60 kinds and 100 thousand tulips are amazing! They prepare some spots to take pictures of tulips and cherry blossoms together, so it's so much worth seeing and taking pictures.◎It's nice to stay leisurely at the lawn area, and walk with your dogs.

Address:4036-2 Kawashiri Yoshida-cho, Haibara-gun, Shizuoka

Access:15 min by car from Yoshida IC


Umami Kyuryo Park is a large prefectural park with ancient tombs and rich nature. There're about 500 thousand tulips and spring flowers in the park! You can enjoy various seasonal flowers whenever you visit the park.◎Tulip Fair in 2018, 4/7-4/15, 10:00-17:00. Entrance fee is free. You can enjoy seeing flowers anytime, but some events and food trucks are only during the fair.

Address:2202 Samita Kawai-cho, Kitakatsuragi-gun, Nara

Access:By car, 15 min from Horyuji IC. Or 2 min walk from Ikebe Station.



Pink moss and tulips on the top of the hill. The scenery from there is so magnificent that only Hokkaido can offer! I could enjoy pink moss flowers leisurely.◎Taiyo-no-Oka Engaru Park (Hill Of The Sun Engaru Park), is also famous as a park of cosmos. To access here, the car is most convenient, but you can walk in 30 min from JR Engaru Station. There're some places to visit in Okhotsk Region in this season, it's nice for you, if you don't drive, to use bus tours and see some other places together.

Address:Marudai Engaru-cho, Mombetsu-gun, Hokkaido

Access:By car, 8 min from JR Engaru Station, 180 min from Sapporo IC, 50 min from Mombetsu Airport, 80 min from Memambetsu Airport, 120 min from Asahikawa Airport. Parking area is available.




Kagami Flower Tulip Festival taken place from 3/10 to early April. There're 200 kinds and 120 thousand tulips in 1 hectare site.

Address:Kishimoto Kagami, Konan-shi, Kochi

Access:2 min walk from Kagami Station


Izumi Recycle Kankyo Park is for flowers and sport. We can enjoy many kinds of flowers in each season. For now, tulips, daffodil, pink moss and cherry blossoms are at their best to see.

Address:407-15 Nouke-cho, Izumi-shi, Osaka

Access:13 min by bus from Izumi Chuou Station to Nouke, then 15 min walk. 12 min by car or taxi from Izumi Chuou Station.


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