Best Tourist Spots In Niigata

Here're best Tourist Spots in Niigata. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Niigata.

Best Tourist Spots In Niigata [1-10]


Nagaoka Firework Festival


The Huge Fireworks Blooming In The Summer Night Sky

Nagaoka Firework is one of the three biggest fireworks in Japan. The power is overwhelming at all. The fireworks spreading as far as the eyes can see.


Very Impressive Fireworks Of One Of The Three Biggest Firework Festival In Japan

Phoenix Firework Displayed As Long As 2 kilometers, and Starmine Fireworks shot off to music, they're really impressive.


One Of The Three Biggest Firework Festivals In Japan

Nagaoka Firework Festival is one of the three biggest firework festivals in Japan. The evening glow and the fireworks lighted the town of Nagaoka. You never get tired of the festival because they prepare the really amazing programs.


Takada Park


Summer Pure Flowers Famous As The Best In The East

Takada Park is famous for cherry blossoms. In summer, you can see the lotus flowers at the whole moat, that is said to be the best in the East. On the refreshing summer morning, leaves and flowers repelling water could make you more refreshing. During the cool morning is the golden time to see the lotus flowers.◎Access: 10 min from Joetsu-takada IC, 10 min from Joetsu IC by car Event: Lotus Flower Festival is held in July


Beautiful Night Cherry Blossom View Admired As One Of The Three Best Places In Japan

The night cherry blossoms and its reflections on the pond were very beautiful, and I want to come to see them next year, too.◎The cherry blossom viewing in 2018 4/6-4/22


Night Hanami In Takada Park! The Lighted Cherry Blossoms As Far As The Eye Can See

At Takada Park, the cherry blossoms in a wide area are lit up, and you can see the fascinating scenery with the castle. It's one of the three greatest night hanami places in Japan. There're surprising quantity of cherry blossom that I can't tell you in these pics. It's worth visiting!◎By car, the extra parking area are prepared, and you can take a shuttle bus from there. Or, walk from JR Takada Station.


Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel


Reflected Kiyotsu Gorge In The Water Surface

After 10 minutes walk through the tunnel, you can find the wonderful view! Kiyotsu Gorge is reflected beautifully in the windless water. It looks like famous Uyuni Salt Lake! As you guess, the scenery becomes also wonderful in the season of autumn colors.


Kiyotsu Gorge Reflected On The Water Surface

Walking through in the tunnel to the inmost, Kiyotsu Gorge, one of the three biggest gorges in Japan, waits you! The water is drawn in front of the exit, and the gorge is reflected on the surface beautifully! It must be excellent for your Instagram, isn't it?


Forest Of Beauties (Bijin Bayashi)


Beautiful Beech Grove With Fresh Greens, In The Season Of Spring Snow Hole

’Forest Of Beauties (Bijin Bayashi)' is a forest of beech trees which are 90 years old. For it's a heavy snowfall area, the snow remains till May. But the scenery of the holes around trees appearing when the snow thaws, and the beautiful spring greens, make me feel the changing of seasons. ◎Parking area is available. And you can access by bus from Matsudai Station of Hokuetsu Express Hokuhoku Line.


Supreme Healing Spot 'Woods Of Beauty In Toka-machi'

Do you have enough 'healing'? Bijin Bayashi (Woods Of Beauty), in Toka-machi, Niigata Prefecture, has many beech trees which are 100 years old. We can feel relaxed in the air filled with healing negative ions. The season of fresh greens: from the late April to the early May.


The Dainty Night View That is Selected the 100 Best Night View in Japan

You can see the beautiful night view selected one of 100 best in Japan, from the observation deck for free, so you will lose nothing by visiting. The lights of city and Bandaibashi Bridge over the Shinano river make the fantastic night view.


The Panorama of Niigata Seen From the Highest Observatory in Japan Sea

You can visit here for free. The Shinano River running grandly inside Niigata towen, if the weather is good, Sado Island you can look over. I think the twilight will be nice.


Bandai Bashi Bridge


The Important Cultural Property 'Bandaibashi Bridge' Built Across the Longest River Shinano in Japan

The Bandaibashi bridge has 6 sequence arches. It is a national important cultural property and a symbol of Niigata. So, I like this retro scenery.


Echigo Tsumari Satoyama Museum Of Contemporary Art KINARE


Spiral Tricolor Art Of Wonder

'Rolling Cylinder, 2012' is an art work which makes us feel like to walk in a spiral sign you often see at barbershop in Japan. It's by Carsten Hller. We couldn't see Leandro Erlich's 'Pond In The Sky' exhibited in the courtyard, because it was covered with snow.


Kashiwazaki Lovers Cape


Place For Fulfillment In Love & Beautiful Sun Setting In The Sea Of Japan

Fukuura Seashore. It's surrounded with the Sea of Japan, and famous as a tourist spot that people put the heart-shaped plate will get fulfillment in love. What's more, we can see the beautiful sunset here, and enjoy romantic atmosphere in the evening glow.◎At Nihonkai Fisherman's Cape near here, you can eat and buy seafood of Japan Sea. I like its mackerel sandwich, a specialty of Kashiwazaki.


New Greenpia Tsunan


Impressive Sky Lantern Launch Like A World Of Rapunzel

Tsunan Snow Festival started to launch sky lanterns since 2012 as a prayer for recovery from earthquake. As many as 2000 lanterns are launched all together at once! It's so exciting, isn't it? In 2018, Tsunan Snow Festival is held on March 9 and 10.◎You can launch the sky lanterns except for the festival. Some tour agents and hotels at Tsunan take reservation for the lantern launch experience, and I enjoyed it.


Sasagawa Nagare Cruise


Cruise Tour Of Strangely Shaped Rocks & Caves, And Feeding Seagulls

Scenic town of beautiful contrast of the blue sea and white rocks. Strangely shaped rocks are like energetic sculptures of nature. Feeding the seagulls flying around the ship, you can feel winds of the Sea of Japan and freedom of your journey.◎You need to check the timetable beforehand, because there're a few trains or bus to Kuwagawa Station. The cruise doesn't need reservations. And, the local specialties, oysters and salmon are delicious in this area.