Best Instagrammed Spots In Aichi

Here're best Instagrammed Spots in Aichi. We released a ranking of reviews about Instagrammed Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Aichi.

Best Instagrammed Spots In Aichi [1-10]


Kawazu Cherry Blossoms In Shinshiro


Beautiful Kawazu Cherry Blossoms Over The Tunnel

It's a well-known place where we can see cherry blossoms over the tunnel. When you get out of the tunnel, there're wonderful Kawazu cherry blossom trees. Bikes and cars run as usual, so please take them into consideration.


Spring, As We Go Through The Tunnel

Because of the effects of Instagram, Kawazu cherry blossom of Shinshiro has become so famous that many people come to see from other prefectures. With the silhouettes, we can see the people's feelings for coming spring. It's an ordinary road, so be careful when you take pictures.


Large Flower Fields Changing Every Season

No admission fees! At Aichi Farm, you can touch animals (requires some fees) and enjoy eating delicious ice cream!


Building Above The River


Retro Buildings Standing On The River In Toyohashi

In Toyohashi, many people go toward Hirokoji Shopping District but don't go toward the building above the river. But they were built in Showa Era and its retro mood is worth visiting. You can enjoy some cafes and Japanese style bars, so I want you to visit once by any means!◎5 min walk from the east exit of Toyohashi Station.


The Colorful Hydrangeas Floating On A Purification Fountain

At Mimo Shrine, I feel peace in my mind at the floating hydrangeas on a purification fountain (a water jar by which visitors clean their hands and mouths before prayer). It's nice in this rainy season


Nap House (Sakushima Island)


Relaxing Art Island You Can Enjoy Tour By Bicycle

Sakushima is called relaxing art island. You can travel around the island by bicycle, and enjoy the nature and art works leisurely.◎The most popular art work 'Nap House (Ohirune House)' has often long line of people want to take pictures. It'll better for you to have enough time to go around Saku Island.


Okazaki Tenman-gu Shrine


Beautiful Plum Blossoms In Full Bloom

The plum blossoms are beautiful now at their best. If the weather is clear, you can see the whole view of Okazaki city.


Ōdaka Ryokuchi Park


Various Photogenic Spots In A Park With Rich Nature

There're many various playground equipment and also the photogenic spots in the large park with rich nature. Specially, I like this spot during the sunset, the silhouette is very picturesque, and we can take nice pictures! Please try to find this place!


Hosoguchi Ike Park


Cherry Blossom & Daffodil Blooming Together

At Hosoguchi Ike Park, we can see the collaboration of cherry blossom and daffodil. Without any entrance fees, it's good place to enjoy walking around. Let's go to see this beautiful contrast of pink and yellow.