Best Events And Festivals (Omatsuri) In Aichi

Here're best Events And Festivals (Omatsuri) in Aichi. We released a ranking of reviews about Events And Festivals (Omatsuri) posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Aichi.

Best Events And Festivals (Omatsuri) In Aichi [1-5]


Iwaya-do Park


Iwaya-do Shrine & Autumn Leaves Reflected On The River Surface

From November 10th to 18th, we can enjoy illuminations here. There're beautiful nature, such as Iwaya-do Shrine made up by a natural huge stone, and some waterfalls. They're illuminated and reflected beautifully on the river surface.


Shirotori Garden


Illuminated Autumn Leaves At The Biggest Japanese Garden In The Chubu Region

Autumn foliage viewing in the city. A spacious and calm scene weaved by Japanese style structures and maple leaves. The reflected autumn colors on the water surface are also beautiful.


Hoshigaoka Terrace


Umbrella Flower Blooming In The Blue Sky

Umbrella Flower has exhibited since 2017. At Hoshigaoka Terrace, there're 100 umbrellas like flowers in the sky, and the sun lights them. You can enjoy shopping in the beautiful scene of the flowery ground!◎2018.4.20-7.31


The Surprising Cylinder Firework On Hand At Its Birthplace

I should say it's worthy to be the birthplace of cylinder firework on hand, both the number of fireworks and how they show fireworks are on a high level. You can see eye to eye with the firework-holders, and take pictures of their expressions.◎Toyohashi Gion Festival on July 20th in 2018. This year, the tripod is prohibited, but we can use monopod.


Yakachi River


Red Carpet Of Cluster Amaryllis Covered The Bank

I can say only wonderful for the scenery of as many as 2 million cluster amaryllis blooming together along the 2 kilometers bank. On the day of a wedding ceremony held at a shrine nearby, the bridal line of people walk along the cluster amaryllis, and it's worth seeing!◎10 min walk from Handa Station of Meitetsu Kouwa Line.