Best Restaurants With Delicious Bread In Aichi

Here're best Restaurants With Delicious Bread in Aichi. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants With Delicious Bread posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Aichi.

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Stylish Breakfast With Specialty Coffee & Arranged Toast

The building renovated from a warehouse, has a high ceiling and spacious room. The coffee is hand-dripped one by one specially. In the morning, the coffee is served with toast and boiled egg, what's more, you can change toast to arranged one, and add granola and salad.


Kissa Zoumeshi


Fluffy Egg Sandwich Of A Retro Authentic Tea Room

Kissa Zoumeshi is a famous cafe in Nagoya. Their 'Kissa-no Tamago Sando (Cafe's Egg Sandwich)' is one of the good-seller menus, and it has freshly fried fluffy thick egg. And miso-meat spread on the soft bread becomes good accent, and make it taste rich. They serve this elephant cookie for all menus. I could feel relaxed with cafe latte of Nishio Matcha.


Tasty Specialty Coffee & Homemade Bagel

A specialty shop of home-roasted coffee beans. Their beans are all special qualities. I had 'set of azuki bean jam & butter bagel sandwich and coffee mug', whose homemade bagel contains delicious sweet bean and butter. Their proud coffee makes us feel relaxed and the enough amount tempts us to be stay longer. The tiny display of flag is even so lovely!