Best Spots Famous For Art In Aichi

Here're best Spots Famous For Art in Aichi. We released a ranking of reviews about Spots Famous For Art posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Aichi.

Best Spots Famous For Art In Aichi [1-8]


Art Aquarium Exhibition - Nagoya, Elegance Of Kingyo -


You Must See NOW! Art Aquarium Of Goldfish Associated With Japan

This goldfish art aquarium is exhibited from 7/21 to 9/16. It's for the first time in four years, and excellent as a summer event. You can enjoy art of Japanese atmosphere and goldfish a in cool room.


Art Of Goldfish

Art Aquarium of goldfish. There're goldfish in various aquarium, and they fascinate people. It's exhibited till September 11th in 2018, why don't you experience the art aquarium?


Nap House (Sakushima Island)


The Sea, Foods & Scenery Of Sakushima Island

There're many places you can get many 'like' in your Instagram. You can enjoy beautiful sea of course, and various food such as seafood and shaved ice in this season. I want you all to visit Sakushima Island once.


Relaxing Art Island You Can Enjoy Tour By Bicycle

Sakushima is called relaxing art island. You can travel around the island by bicycle, and enjoy the nature and art works leisurely.◎The most popular art work 'Nap House (Ohirune House)' has often long line of people want to take pictures. It'll better for you to have enough time to go around Saku Island.


Hoshigaoka Terrace


Umbrella Flower Blooming In The Blue Sky

Umbrella Flower has exhibited since 2017. At Hoshigaoka Terrace, there're 100 umbrellas like flowers in the sky, and the sun lights them. You can enjoy shopping in the beautiful scene of the flowery ground!◎2018.4.20-7.31


Moving World Expo Comes Buck To Mind! More Than 300 Exhibits And Vast Site Of Lush Plants

You can see the various presented exhibits at a memorial hall. And the large site harmonizing seasonal flowers and woods with modern architectures. It reminds us of Aichi World Expo theme 'wisdoms of nature'.


Sakuragaoka Museum


Gorgeous Installation Of Cherry Blossom Colors In A Whole Room

I was surprised at the room in cherry blossom colors like spring in actually the season of autumn colors! I posted pictures of only one room, but the arts of other rooms were also wonderful.◎This room is located in front of information desk. There're many great works in other rooms. Please visit web site of Toyokawa City. This exhibition is held till November 17th.


Nagoya TV Tower


The Fusion Of Night View From Observatory And Projection Mapping

From 7/14 to 9/24 at a 90 meters observatory of Nagoya TV Tower, you can see the collaboration of images that expresses the underwater world and the night view of Nagoya. The moment of the downtown of Nagoya changing into the underwater town, must make you really moved.


Exhibition Of Real Planes & Various Experience

FLIGHT OF DREAMS is an amusement park of Seattle, a hometown of Boeing. There're some experience-facilities like simulator at pay area, and restaurants and shops at free area. Specially, its projection mapping took place two times in an hour, is very impression.


Tokoname Yakimono Path


Tokoname Potteries Here & There! A Rare Scenery Surrounded By Earthenware Pipes

Dokan-zaka slope is made by earthenware pipes and bottles to prevent wall collapse, and town of shops with wooden warmth. When you walk on the pottery road, you can enjoy the feeling like time travel.