Oirase Stream


Oirase Stream is one of the best places to travel in Towada-shi, Aomori Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for attractions, hours, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Oirase Stream posted by Japanese travelers in the know.
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Fall Foliage That Makes Waking Around Oirase Stream More Attractive

The lush Oirase Mountain Stream changes totally into autumn colors. Many waterfalls and golden forest you can see on the walking path along the stream. There're many things to see that are different from the season of fresh green.

Oirase Mountain Stream Of Refreshing Scenery & Negative Ions

Impressive lush greens and rich wet air. Fast and slow streams offer the different scenery of the mountain. And you can find hydrangeas on the walking paths in this rainy reason.

A Clear Mountain Stream Flowing In The Green Tunnel

Oirase mountain stream flows from the Towada Lake in the south of Aomori. Walking along the path surrounded by the nature woods, you can see the many beautiful spots such as Choshi Waterfall and Kumoi Waterfall.



Okuse, towada-shi, aomori



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Tsutanuma Lake In Autumn Colors That Changes Into Scarlet By The Sun Light

At Tsutanuma Lake in autumn, the mountain changes its color in a flash when the light of the morning sun comes, and it reflects on the quiet water surface. Breathtakingly beautiful scenery! And it's Aomori's proud water mirror. I really want you to see this gorgeous scenery in a cool air of autumn...

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