Glover Garden

Glover Garden is one of the best places to travel in Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for attractions, hours, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Glover Garden posted by Japanese travelers in the know. Admission fees: adult 610 yen, child 180 yen.

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Winter Event! A World Heritage Glover Garden's Illumination & The Night View Of Nagasaki

Glover Garden was registered as a world heritage in 2015. In Christmas season, it's lit up and has different atmosphere than usual! You can see the night Nagasaki city illumination.◎Parking area is available near here. But its better for you to go to Oura Tenshu-dou Shita Station, then walk to Glover Garden. I took these photos in 2012, it has become more gorgeous now for such as projection mapping.


An Affluent Residential Street Where Some World Heritages and Important Cultural Properties are Built

You can enjoy seeing old Glover house which is a world heritage, old Ringer one, old Alt one and so on. These buildings tell brilliant history of the Meiji period.


World Heritage! Beautiful Glover's House

Inasa Mountain commands the beautiful scenery of Nagasaki Port. We can enjoy seeing seasonal flowers all around the year, and romantic scenery at night. The heart-shaped stone of this garden has a legend 'if you touch this stone and wish, it will come true', so more and more people visit this place.


The Old Glover's House that is the Important Cultural Property and Everyone Wants to Live in

Thomas Glover was a excellent trading merchant and lived in the house that is the oldest western style wooden building and a national important cultural property. I felt a history of successful man in the house.


The View from Glover Garden

You can enjoy seeing the large panorama with Nagasaki harbor and city from Glover Garden and I recommend seeing it from terrace of old Walker house on a hot day.