Toguchi-no Hama Beach

Toguchi-no Hama is one of the best beaches to go in Irabujima Island, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for map, how to get there, spots nearby, attractions and photos of Toguchi-no Hama posted by Japanese travelers in the know.[last modified: ]

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The White and Smooth Beach on which You can Walk Barefoot and the Clear Water, Like a Paradise

The beautiful beach makes me disbelieve my own eyes. 'Toguchi no Hama' is said to be the most beautiful beach in Irabu Island. So, it's like a paradise with white sand.

800 Meters Beach Of Smooth Sands And The Blue Ocean View Spreading Behind It

The beach starts as soon as you leave the parking area. And going toward the depth, there's a place like a private beach. You can have this blue all to yourself as much as you want. You should try to go in the depth by any means.

You Can Enjoy Marine Activity With Your Hands Empty! Best White Sandy Beach In Irabu Island

Extending east and west to 800m, Toguchi-no Hama Beach has 'Ito Kanko (Tourist) Service' to enjoy the sea of Irabu. You can enjoy diving, snorkeling and swimming in the sea as you like. You can also enjoy beach combing in off-season.