Sekaizushi is one of the best restaurants to travel in Niigata-shi, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for reviews, menu, hours, access, map and photos of Sekaizushi posted by Japanese travelers in the know.

Sekaizushi 2 Reviews


The Seared Nodoguro Bowl Called the Best of White Flesh You Should Eat in Niigata

The Nodoguro is a expensive fish caught in the Sea of Japan and 'Nodoguro Aburidon' is registered as a trademark. Seared Nodoguro on the rice 'Koshihikari' grown in Niigata. It's price is reasonable for the foodstuffs.


Kiwami Sushi Recommended by Niigata

The Kiwami Sushi is made from 10 selected superb fish grown in Niigata and was planed when Niigata was designated by government ordinance. And you can eat it with Niigata original Nanban-Ebi soy sauce that is shrimp flavor.