Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel

Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel is one of the best hotels to travel in Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for reviews, reservation, access, map, spots nearby and photos of Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel posted by Japanese travelers in the know.

Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel 4 Reviews


The Panoramic View of Osaka Tells You It's Just Like Staying in the Sky

The Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel is in the highest building 'Abe no Harukas' in Japan. You can see the magnificent scenery of Osaka from the stylish room. So, it's just like staying in the sky paradise.


Night View of Osaka Seen From the Sky-high

Night view is also nice. It would be a crime to go out. Eat and drink in the room, I want . I'd like to stay here more.


Free Abeno Harukas Observatory Only for Guests Before the Ordinary Open

This service is only for guests. They can use the observatory before open and see the scenery calmly before crowded on holiday,


A Bathroom Designed To See the Scenery and Night View From There

Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel is proud of the view from there. You can enjoy seeing the romantic view from the fashionable guest bathroom.