Komejirushi is one of the best cafes to go in Ōchi-gun, Shimane Prefecture, Japan.  Here're guides for time, booking, menu, access, map, spots nearby, reviews and photos of Komejirushi posted by Japanese travelers who have actually been there.[last modified: ]

Komejirushi 3 Reviews


Tea Room In The Woods & Beautiful Tableware Of San'in Area

They don't use animal-food. Their sweets made from body-friendly food are very tasty. Besides, there's a stream in the woods of Komejirushi, so we can enjoy walking around. They can make us really refreshed. Ōnan Town, located on the border of Hiroshima and Shimane, is a town with many delicious food.


Tea Room With Beautiful Fresh Greens In The Woods

Komejirushi is located in Ōnan-cho, Shimane. It's a nice cafe standing in the quiet woods. I like their homemade cakes that don't use any milk products like butter, egg, nor white sugar. Also, they offer light meals like pizza-toast. Their coffee are home-roasted and made from organic fresh coffee beans. We can enjoy beautiful cafe-time with fresh greens in the early summer breeze.


Healthy Sweets Cafe

I visited Komejirushi in Shimane again. I ate scone of organic banana and lemon lavender tea. Their sweets are healthy for they don't use animal products. I like the room of the cafe with a big window from which we enjoy seeing the change of seasons.