Yoshoku TSUBAKI is one of the best restaurants to go in Uchikoshi, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.  Here're guides for time, booking, menu, access, map, spots nearby, reviews and photos of Yoshoku TSUBAKI posted by Japanese travelers who have actually been there.[last modified: ]

Yoshoku TSUBAKI Reviews


Upper Ranked Restaurant With A Beautiful Japanese Garden

Yoshoku Tsubaki is produced by a meat specialty restaurant Setsugekka. We can eat selected Wagyu beef in Western style cuisine. They use A5-ranked beef sinew for demiglace sauce, Kobe Beef for hamburger steak, one week-stewed Matsuzaka Beef for beef stew, and Chateaubriand Hida Beef for cutlet! From 3000 to 10000 yen for full course meals. I like also the individual dishes.