Shoji Lake

Shoji Lake is one of the best places to go in Fujikawaguchiko, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.  Here're guides for time, access, map, spots nearby, reviews and photos of Shoji Lake posted by Japanese travelers in the know.

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Mt. Fuji And Sunrise

We can see the beautiful collaboration of Mt. Fuji and the sun rises above Shoji Lake. There're sometimes so many clouds that you can't see them clearly, so it'll be better to visit here many times.◎Chu'ou Speed Way: 18km from Kawaguchiko IC, 30km from Ichinomiyamisaka IC, or 19km from Kofu Minami IC. Higashi Fujigoko Speed Way: 18.5km from Fujiyochida IC.

On this day, the interesting clouds dyed orange, and the fog was rising from the lake, which was a perfect morning. Shoji Lake is not so deep, and doesn't agitate the surface, so we can often see the beautiful reflections. What's more, the sun rises from the side of Mt. Fuji, so we can take photos of morning glow. If you go on a camping trip or something, why don't you get up early and enjoy seeing the morning glow and the reflections?