Sunflower Town Man'no Honoyama

Sunflower Town Man'no Honoyama is one of the best places to travel in Nakatado, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan.  Here're guides for attractions, hours, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Sunflower Town Man'no Honoyama posted by Japanese travelers in the know.

Sunflower Town Man'no Honoyama 2 Reviews

Man'no, known as a sunflower town, has sunflower fields here and there in the town from the early July. Nakayama Area is one of the most beautiful, and you can see the shining landscape like yellow carpet from the high position.◎3 min by car from the central Honoyama area. Parking area is available.

Man'no-cho is famous for the sunflower cultivated with all the town force. From the beginning to the middle of July, you can see the beautiful yellow landscape of 22 ha and 1 million sunflowers. Honoyama Area is located in its central.◎The extra parking area is available during the Sunflower Festival (2018, 7/14-16) and the blooming season. Not only Honoyama Area, there're some sunflower fields such as Nakayama Area.