Higata (Tideland) Yoka Park

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Higata (Tideland) Yoka Park Reviews


Mudskipper's Paradise Appearing At Low Tide

Outside the park, there's the vast tideland as long as 4-5 kilometers! You can see 'Mutsugoro' mudskippers with lovely blue spots (the first pic), 'Tobihaze' mudskippers (the 3rd pic), Fiddler Crab, and many wild birds, like their paradise!◎I emphasized Mutsugoro in the above, in fact, it's famous as a paradise of wild birds registered under the Ramsar Convention. You should check the tide table beforehand. The low tide is better to see the living creatures of tideland, and high tide is better to see the birds. To get there, you need basically cars, but only on weekends and holidays, Saga City Bus has 'World Heritage Tour Bus' from Saga Station.