Horike's Weeping Cherry Blossom


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Fascinated By The Gallant Figure! Horike's Weeping Cheery Blossom Tree Standing Alone At Countryside

It's Edohigan cherry blossom tree planted here in 1975, and called 'Horike's Weeping Cherry Blossom' because of its family name. In the calm countryside, the tree has breathtaking beauty. I was completely fascinated by the gallant figure of freely weeping branches from wherever I looked up.
There's an extra parking area about 300 meters before the tree in its best season, the end of March to the beginning of April. Access: By car, go along the National Route 32 or 377, and enter the prefectural route 17 to southward, then you can find the sign board. Google Map says it as 'Nishibun's Shidare Zakura'.



1518 Nishibun Ayagawa-cho, ayauta-gun, kagawa


By car, 22min from Takamatsu Airport, 25min from Takamatsu Nishi (West) IC.



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