Houkoku-ji Temple

Houkoku-ji Temple is one of the best places to travel in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for map, how to get there, opening hours, spots nearby, attractions and photos of Houkoku-ji Temple posted by Japanese travelers in the know. Admission Fee: 200 yen

Houkoku-ji Temple 3 Reviews

Leave the east gate of Kamakura Station, take the bus at the 5th bus stop, and get off at the 'Jomyo-ji', then walk 2min. The bamboo grove appearing after a little steep slope. I recommend to take a walk wearing 'yukata' in this 'THE' Japanese space. You can rent yukata.

The path in bamboo grove wrapped in quietness. Looking up the bamboo in the sky, there's the play of sunlight through them. They're so beautiful that I want to watch them for a longer time. And, green tea and Japanese sweets to eat with peaceful minds in this garden. You can see also camellia with bamboo till around April.◎Kamakura Station East Gate bus stop No.5. Jomyoji bus stop, walk 3min, Entrance fee: 200yen, green tea and sweets required more 500yen.

Houkoku-ji is celebrated for the beautiful bamboo grove in the precinct. You can enjoy walking in the grove, and in addition, a green-tea time in the sight of beautiful bamboo is so wonderful.