Kikusui-zushi is one of the best restaurants to travel in Akashi-shi, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for reviews, menu, hours, access, map and photos of Kikusui-zushi posted by Japanese travelers in the know.
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Bring Out The Maximum Of The Quality Seafood! Akashi Style Sushi Produced By An Excellent Restaurant

I could feel directly the taste fresh seafood of Akashi, one of the best fisheries in Japan. Vinegared rice, soy sauce and salt take supporting roles to bring out the flavors of seafood. It can be possible to enjoy Akashi Sushi that makes the most of the foodstuffs simply, because Akashi has the high quality seafood.



11-6 Sakura-cho, akashi-shi, hyogo




11:00-14:00,17:00-21:00 [Sat・Sun・Holidays]11:00-21:00





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Starbucks Coffee Awaji SA Store (Downline)

The Starbucks with Akashi Ocean View

This starbucks is in Awaji SA. And you can see the Akashi ocean view.


In-season Sushi Of Awaji-shima Island And A Nice View Of Huge Akashi Strait Bridge

A wonderful location you can see the impressive Akashi Strait Bride over the counter. They use in-season seafood caught here in Akashi Strait which is one of the best fisheries in Japan. Moreover, the rice and vinegar they use are also made in Awaji, that produces the superb sushi with full of Awaji blessings.


With Beer! Akashi's Specialty, Hot & Crisp & Runny 'Tamago-yaki'

A popular shop for 'Tamago-yaki'. Their 'Tamago-yaki' has crispy surface and runny inside. And you can eat freshly made hot 'Tamago-yaki' for they start to cook after you order. Dunking them in the stock soup of dried bonito and tangle, enjoy the local food together with beer!

Ristorante Mia Albergo

The Milanese Cotoletta of Inobuta Pork Loins Grown in Awaji

The Inobuta representing meat in Awaji is wild boar and domestic pig hybrid. It has sweet fat, soft meat, and high nutritional value. So, I want to give the dish three-star (means the highest prize for dishes in Japan).


A Photogenic Entrance You Must Be Excited Before You Enter The Shop

A restaurant and fashionable shops get together at Awaji CRAFT CIRCUS. Some attractive furniture that you may want to take pictures are displayed at its restaurant. They make you excited before you enter the shop and restaurant!

Kirin -Second Branch-

Very Fresh & Succulent! Sushi Of Seafood Grown In Akashi's Raging Waves & Modern Seasonings

This is real abilities of seafood grown in Akashi strait! These fresh fish let you know the real SUSHI. For seasonings, they use sudachi and yuzu, Japanese citrus fruits, or ume, pickled plum, which make their sushi a little different from others. Besides, the modern interior is one of the reason for their popularity.

Gallery Deai

Fluffy Akashi-yaki At The Home. And Secret Dipping Sauce With Ginger Picked In Sweetened Vinegar

You can enjoy the two different tastes! First, dip the stock soup. Second, put the sour-sweet ginger into the sauce. Then the sauce's taste changes dramatically and becomes more excellent with Akashi-yaki! You can order ten or eleven pieces, but I think ten may be not enough.

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