Setoyashiki is one of the best places to travel in Ashigarakami-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for attractions, hours, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Setoyashiki posted by Japanese travelers in the know.
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300years Old House Of Thatched And Hipped Roof Standing In The Ashigara Plain. And A Scene Of A Water Wheel

It's a symbolic old house in the smallest town Kaisei-machi in Kanagawa. In 6000 square meters site surrounded with waterways, a main big house of an impressive thatched roof, a storehouse, a gate called yakui-mon and a water wheel. Even now, it's used for several events.

7000 Hanging Hina Dolls & 300 Yeas Old Ones. 'Hina Matsuri' At Seto-yashiki House

In an old house built 300 years ago, over 7000 hanging dolls and sitting hina dolls are very imposing! Possessed carefully since Edo period, 300 years old 'Kyoho Hina' and Japanese dolls with full of human touch are the display for a peach blossom's seasonal festival that paints Ashigara Village.



1336 Kanaishima Kaisei-machi, ashigarakami-gun, kanagawa









Nearby Things To Do

Matsuda Yama Herb Garden (Nishihirabatake Park)

Illumination At Ashigara Plain Is Like A Glittering Jewelry Box

At 5 p.m. when the sunset tints Mt.Fuji seen on the west with red, and Ashigara Plain begins to be lit, the illumination turns on a light. Matsuda mountainside is shining! Christmas Illumination lasts till 12/25. And it's going to be lit again during 1/7-9 and color the New Year .

Kaisei Ajisai no Sato

500 Hydrangea Trees Surrounding The Rural Districts

5000 hydrangea trees are planted along the waterways. Large flowered hydrangeas are seen beautifully with the green of rice plants, and many people come to walk around in early summer.

Zuiun-ji Temple Rikifudouson

Strongest Spiritual Power! A Temple On The Trough Fault, A Gathering Spot Of 4 Big Plates On Earth

A temple on a hill of Soga Plum Grove wrapped by the scent of plum blossoms in season. There's the exposed fault where the well-known Soga Brothers had been given the power. I feel the unusual power from the plates moving around my body from head to foot.

Matsuda Cherry Blossom Festival

Kawazu Cherry Blossoms With Mt. Fuji & Also Shining Night View

Mount Matsuda is one of the 100 best spots to view Mt. Fuji. The early cherry blossom Kawazu Zakura has been in the full bloom, you can see Mt. Fuji, Kawazu cherry blossoms and canola flowers together. What's more, you can enjoy night cherry blossom viewing with the shining night view of Ashigara Plain.


145 Kinds Of Roses With Mellow Aromas & The World's Biggest Flowering Onion

A fascinating match of 345 trees of rose with full of elegant fragrances and flowering onions (allium 'Globemaster'). You can see the flowers for free, so enjoy the gorgeous and elegant time for a walk during the one month of blooming season.


Very Excited! The Observation Party To Learn The Space By A Company Making The Latest Experimental Devices

Located on a hill, 'TOYAMA' is a maker of devices with high technology. Looking into the space with a large astronomical telescope, there're craters on the moon, planets, and, if you're lucky, a galactic nebula! It's possible for anyone to join the starry sky observation party.

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