Most Instagenic Spots In Wakayama Prefecture

Here're most instagenic spots in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. There're many instagram worthy spots you can get 'like' in your SNS, such as an European theme park 'Marina City', and a world heritage 'Danjo Garan' located in Koyasan. Then, we selected best Instagenic ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Wakayama.

11 Most Instagenic Spots In Wakayama Prefecture

1Danjo Garan

50 Meters High! 'Kompon Daito' Is A Symbol Of Koyasan, A World Heritage

1000m above the sea level, Koyasan is one of the world heritages in Japan. 'Kompon Daito' is a symbolic pagoda of Koyasan. The vivid vermilion pagoda is as high as 50m, and I was very surprised at its size and beauty.

2Kawayu Onsen Sennin Buro

A River Changes Into A Hot Spring! Free 'Sennin Buro' Onsen Only In Winter

Oto-gawa River in Wakayama is famous for its onsen springing out from the dug bottom of the river. They dam up the river and 'Sennin Buro' comes out from December to February. Wearing bathing suits, men and women bathe together and enjoy onsen in the great nature all together. And more, it's free!

3Wakayama Marina City

A Photogenic Spot 'PORTO EUROPE' Without Admission Fees

Located in Wakayama Marina City, PORTO EUROPE is a very fashionable and photogenic place that imitates the townscape of France and Italy. Because it doesn't require the admission fees, there're many people enjoy taking pictures.

4Nachi Falls

New Year At A world Heritage! Japan's Greatest Waterfall Lit Up In The Darkness

Nachi Waterfall is proud of the highest drop in Japan as a single waterfall. It's one of the three best waterfalls in Japan, and one element of a World Heritage 'Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range'. It's lit up from New Year's Eve to the dawn of New Year's Day, so you can see the beautiful and mysterious Nachi Waterfall!

5Sainan-in Temple

A Photogenic Temple Cafe With Blue Cloisters Facing To A Stone Garden

Built in the early Heian Era (around 800-1200), Sainan-in Temple just opened a cafe on September 2017. You can have coffee and tea at a blue cloisters facing to a beautiful stone garden. It's an attractive cafe you can find only in Koyasan, where the time passes quietly and slowly to make you feel relaxed.

6Koyasan Daimon Gate

Daimon, An Entrance Gate For World Heritage 'Koyasan'

You see this Daimon at first when you visit Koyasan and you'll be surprised at the impressing size as high as 25 meters! The sacred place begins from here, so I felt tensed up.

7Shirosaki Ocean Park

Beautiful Contrast Of Blue & White! The Coastline Admires A Japan's Aegean Sea

Shirasaki Ocean Park has the whole coastline surrounded by white limestone in its site. The contrast of the blue sea and the sky, and the white stones is like the Aegean Sea! There're an observatory and camping site, and you can enjoy diving and snorkeling.


A White Sandy Beach

The beautiful clear sea and white beach.


A Rock Floor Spreading On The Blue Sea

A stratum had been gained for a long time and became stairs of bedrock. The contrast between the sky and the sea is magnificent.


Height 50-60 Meters Sheer Precipice

The appearance of raging waves broken on the rocks is awesome.

11Engetsu Island

Shirahama's Symbol of An Island With A Coastal Erosion

The setting sun in Engetsu Island is also beautiful.

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