Most Instagenic Places In Aomori Prefecture

Here're most Instagenic places in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. There're many Instagram worthy places you can get 'like' in your SNS, such as 'Hotokegaura Beach' with impressive huge and strange stones, and 'OCEAN'S DINER' of fashionable restaurant of the local humgurger. Then, we selected best Instagenic places from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Aomori.

15 Most Instagenic Places In Aomori Prefecture

1Hotokegaura Beach

Overwhelming Scale! Huge White Stones Standing On The Shore

Hotoke-ga ura is a scenic spot of huge and strangely shaped stones standing at Shimokita Peninsula in Aomori. Superb view of overwhelming huge stones lying all over the place. Furthermore, the contrast of the blue sea and white stones makes more beautiful scenery.

2Hirosaki Park

Can you Find? A Heart Shape Above The Park

You can find a heart shape above your heads at Hirosaki Park. They 're cherry blossom trees pruned by Hirosaki's high skills. What's more, they change into romantic pink in spring. There's a mark for the heart shape, why don't you find it while walking in the park?

3Hirosaki Castle

Beautiful And Happy! Hirosaki Castle Snow Lantern Festival

Winter Aomori Prefecture is very cold with much snow. But, you can enjoy winter festival in Hirosaki Castle Park. There7re many beautiful attractions such as snow lanterns, kamakura (snow dome), and illuminations!

4Juniko Lake

A Mystery Of Nature! An Unbelievable Blue Pond

Juni-ko(twelve ponds) area is walkable around a nature forest and ponds in the World Heritage, Shirakami Mountains. Among all, Aoike's beautiful color of blue is unbelievable. By the way, even today's science can't make clear why Aoike has such a blue color.

5Tsutanuma Lake

Tsutanuma Lake In Autumn Colors That Changes Into Scarlet By The Sun Light

At Tsutanuma Lake in autumn, the mountain changes its color in a flash when the light of the morning sun comes, and it reflects on the quiet water surface. Breathtakingly beautiful scenery! And it's Aomori's proud water mirror. I really want you to see this gorgeous scenery in a cool air of autumn...

6Aomori Contemporary Art Center

Art Works Dotted In The Woods

Many art works are dotted around the Art Center, and united with the woods, which are very unique!

7Inakadate Rice Plant Art

Rice Plant Arts At The Place Of Origin

Inakadate Village is the birthplace of rice plant art. It's very impressive for us to see such a huge art made up by only rice that we eat everyday. You can enjoy the natural art changing its colors day by day.

8Oirase Stream

Fall Foliage That Makes Waking Around Oirase Stream More Attractive

The lush Oirase Mountain Stream changes totally into autumn colors. Many waterfalls and golden forest you can see on the walking path along the stream. There're many things to see that are different from the season of fresh green.

9Aomori Nebuta Festival

Join In 'Haneto' Costume! The Biggest Festival In Tohoku Region With Strong Huge Nebuta

Aomori Nebuta festival is held every August. Powerful and huge Nebuta decorations walk around the town. You can enjoy even seeing them, but it'll be more exciting for anyone to join the festival and become a dancer's haneto costume!

10Taisho Romance Tea Room

Apple Pie With A Romance Of Taisho Period

At a tea room inside Fujita Memorial Japanese Garden, you can eat an apple pie with an atmosphere of Taisho Period (around 1920). With plenty apple, it's filling and something to eat in Hirosaki, a producing center of apple.


A Big Local Hamburger You Can Eat At Bay Side

A genuine hamburger shop at A-factory. APPLE BURGER, in this photo, has apple slices in it! Since they grill the patty after taking your order, it's attractive to eat it in the most delicious condition.

12Jogakura Ohashi Bridge

Autumn Leaves In All Directions From Jogakura Ohashi Bridge

Its arch is 255 meters long, which is the longest in Japan. Jogakura Mountain River flows under the bridge. And you can overlook the colored mountains in the season of fall foliage. On sunny days, you can even see Mt.Iwaki known as a name 'Tsugaru Fuji'.

13casa del cibo

Lovely Italian Dishes Of Seafoods Grown In Hachinohe

You can eat full-course meal in a sophisticated room. The menu changes each season, and you can enjoy the restaurant's original Italian with many seasonal foodstuffs.

14Takko Garlic Center

Garlic Stake Gohan With Various Taste Of Garlic

You can eat grilled beef, pork and chicken on the rice topped with garlic by 'Garlic Stake Gohan'. Full of garlic in the appetizers, drinks and desserts!


A Café Using Aomori's Handiwork BUNACO As Its Interior

BUNACO is Aomori's handiwork made from beech. BUNACO CAFÉ uses them for the lights and speakers. And the crisp pie of apple that is a specialty of Aomori is very delicious.

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