Best Kashiwajima Island Travel Guide In Kochi Prefecture

Best travel guide for Kashiwajima Island located at the westernmost of Kochi Prefecture. The sea has become the talk because of the transparency and beautiful emerald color. Then, we selected best things to do in Kashiwajima and its neighborhood from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers who have actually been to the island.

Best Kashiwajima Island Travel Guide In Kochi Prefecture [1-4]

1Kashiwa Island Beach

Swim In The Kashiwa Blue! A Paradise At The Remotest Place In Shikoku

Kashiwa-jima Island is located at the westernmost of Kochi Pref. People say the clear emerald sea isn't worse than Okinawa's, or more like the Mediterranean. It was not easy to go there, but I could enjoy like being a paradise.◎For threre're craggy places under the bridge, you need to ware marine shoes and rash guard.

2O'odou-yama Observatory

Scenic Observatory For A Panoramic View Of A Paradise At The Tip Of Shikoku

Kashiwa-jima Island is said to be a paradise at the westernmost of Kochi Prefecture and its clean and emerald ocean is very popular. This observatory can command the whole view of the island. The view of the paradise island was breathtaking.◎Before arriving at Kashiwa-jima Island, there're two tunnels on Prefectural Road 43. The slope before the first tunnel is steep though you can drive a car. It's better to climb the slope before the second tunnel.

3Kan'non Stone

Unbelievable Natural Beatty Of Kan'non Stone

Near Kashiwa-jima, there's a stone most similar to Kan'non Image (the Goddess of mercy) in Japan. About 30 meters tall Kan'non Stone like putting her hands flat together. I was surprised at the strong scene of the standing cliff on the Pacific Ocean.◎Access: just before Kashiwa-jima Island, there's a parking lot along the prefectural road43. You can see it after climbing up the steps about 2min.

4Shin Kashiwa-jima Ohashi & Kashiwa-jima Bashi

Two Photogenic Bridges Across The Paradise At The Tip Of Shikoku

Kashiwa-jima has got into the topic of SNS and the media very much since this year. These two bridges are the first place where you should take pictures. The sea is so beautiful and clear that the seafloor can be seen. I can't say nothing but I wanted to know earlier!◎When boat and SUP come is good photo opportunity! But, be careful about the cars passing these bridges.

Kashiwa-jima Island

The westernmost place of Kochi Prefecture, located at Otsuki-cho, Hata-gun, Kashiwa-jima Island is a small island whose circumference is 4km. It has very clear sea water like Okinawa, and many kinds of fish. It's popular as a place for sea bathing and diving.

How To Get There

You can go there by car for it's connected by bridges though it's an island. But, it takes about 3 years from Kochi City (Kochi IC → Shimantocho Chu'ou IC → Route56[Nakamura] → Route321[Ashizuri] → Route43[Kashiwa-jima]). From Kagawa Prefecture, it takes about 5 hours (from Takamatsu Chu'ou IC). And you can use trains and buses, but it takes much time.

Foods and Restaurants

There're a few places to eat, so you would better to eat at 'Road Station Otsuki' or convenience store. A Japanese restaurant 'Uogokoro' near the beach is so crowded that you may be not able to eat here.

魚ごころ Uogokoro


The recommendable accommodations around Kashiwa-jima is in the following.

Hotels in Kashiwa-jima