Most Instagrammed Spots In Mie Prefecture

Here're most instagenic spots in Mie Prefecture, Japan. We selected the best ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Mie, and released the ranking for places you can get many 'like' in your SNS, such as Suzuka Forest Garden and Nabana no Sato.

Most Instagrammed Spots In Mie Prefecture [1-8]

1Suzuka Forest Garden

So Beautiful Weeping Plum Blossoms All Over The Garden

Suzuka Forest Garden was opened in 2014, and has about 200 weeping plum trees, in Japanese, Shidare Ume. The blossom all over the garden is so beautiful and impressive. The plum blossoms are going to be lit up at night for a limited times.◎Entrance fee: 500-1500yen, half-price for children, free for under 6 years old. The price is changed by the blooming condition. You need to check out the official twitter. Parking area: free for 200 cars.

2Inabe Agriculture Park

Beautiful Japanese Apricot Grove You Must See From The Top And The Bottom

The Japanese apricot grove extending as far as I can see is very impressive. Here's a place where we realize the beauty of Japanese apricot blossom, again. It's renown for the scenery from the top, and in addition, you can enter into the grove, and see them from under the trees. There're only a few such a place in Japan. ◎There's no public transport, so the traffic jam in the best season. For the sunlight angle, you need to visit during morning to take good pictures.

3Jazz Dream Nagashima

Art Of Colorful Umbrellas At A Largest Outlet Mall

When it's sunny with strong sunshine, the colors of umbrella reflect on the ground, and you can feel like to stand between the colorful umbrellas.◎Only a limited event till 6/24. Together with this event, a photo campaign you may win the shopping ticket is took place.

4Nabana no Sato

Fantastic Light Tunnel As Long As 200 Meters Long

You can see the biggest illumination in Japan in Nabana no Sato. There're two tunnels, the one is as long as 200m fantastic gallery of light, and another is 100m and has different themes every year. And the theme for this year is cherry blossom.

5Ugura Enchi Park

Heart Shaped Bay As A Lover's Sanctuary Seen From Ugura Enchi Park

In spring, you can go through the cherry blossom street and arrive Mieshima Observatory commanding the heart-shaped bay. Cause it's a Lover's Sanctuary, please visit here with your lover.

6Yokoyama Observatory

Gorgeous View! Cafe Terrace In The Sky

Opened in 2018 summer, Yokoyama Observatory commands the whole view of saw-toothed coastline of Ago Bay. You can see also Shima Spain Mura Amusement Park.

7Shima Marineland

Shima's Aquarium With Many Penguins Welcoming You!

Many penguins welcome you as soon as you arrive the aquarium. A big ringed aquarium surrounding the wall, and rare, comical creatures are also the highlights. This aquarium is not so crowded, you can watch them leisurely and play like children?◎If you have a coupon ticket 'Mawaryanse' of Kintestu Railway, you can enter here for free. Easy access from the station. Shima Marineland is as good as Toba Aquarium.

8Suzuka Balloon Festival

Fling Hot-Air Balloons In Suzuka

Suzuka Balloon Festival is an event of fling hot-air balloon opened around the Suzuka River every autumn. About 30 hot-air balloons fly in the sky and we can see the wonderful scenery.◎In 2018, Suzuka Balloon Festival is going to be held from November 23rd to 25th, for 3 days.