Most Instagenic Places In Ishikawa Prefecture

Here're most Instagenic places in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. There're many Instagram worthy spots you can get 'like' in your SNS, such as 'Kenrokuen Garden' which is one of the three best Japanese Gardens, and a Japanese onsen ryokan 'Tadaya' with scenic hot spring open-air bath. Then, we selected best Instagenic ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Ishikawa.

16 Most Instagenic Places In Ishikawa Prefecture


Private Open Air Bath Watching Superb View of Nanao Bay

A Japanese style hotel "Tada-ya" in Wakura hot spring resort has a room with open air bath. A supreme bath time while you watching the sunset of Nanao Bay.


Masterpiece Pancake At An Old House Café In Kanazawa With Full Of Castle Town Mood

A pancake café that is said to be the best in Kanazawa located on a corner of Higashi Chaya-machi. It contains full of air and its fluffy feeling of taste must make you addicted. You have to make a reservation because the café is filled to capacity as soon as they open.

3Higashi Chaya District

Kanazawa's Great Spot For Photos! Higashi Chayagai Looks Excellent With Kimono

Higashi Chayagai District is the largest one of the three Chayagai Districts in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. There're beautiful houses with traditional wooden fences and red walls. And they're very photogenic with Japanese Kimono! You can also enjoy lunch and cafe at Higashi Chayagai.

4Kazue-machi Chaya District

Beautiful Harmony Of Proudly Blooming Cherries & Tasteful Traditional Townscape

One of the three chaya towns in Kanazawa, Kazue-machi chaya town has tasteful stone pavements and Sembon-koushi (wooden lattice windows). As soon as you enter the narrow alley, you can feel like a time travel to Edo Period. It becomes more tasteful in the season of cherry blossoms. You all shouldn't miss the scenery of both together in only spring.

5Nata-dera Temple

Surprising Nature! Kigan Yusenkyou, The Site Of Ancient Submarine Eruptions

Started in 717, with a history of 1300 years, Nata-dera Temple has some nationally designated important cultural properties. And this wonderful view around 'Kigan Yusenkyou (strangely shaped rocks and a gorge a wizard living) was read in Matsuo Basho's haiku 'ishiyama no, ishi yori shiroshi, aki no kaze.' (Whiter than rocks of a rock mountain, an autumn wind)

6Kenrokuen Garden

Kenroku-en Garden In Autumn And Winter

You can enjoy the cycle of the seasons at Kenroku-en much more than other Japanese Gardens! Spring cherry blossom, summer iris, autumn colored leaves and winter propped pine tree with snow, There're also illumination events in each season.

7LE MUSEE DE H Tsujiguchi Hironobu Museum Store

Patisserie Hironobu Tsujiguchi Makes the Best Use of Noto Local Materials for His Confectionery

A pineapple crème brulee of Noto milk, a roll cake of Kaga tea and Noto's azuki bean and a cake of Ishikawa's grape called ruby roman. He makes the most of the local foodstuffs and arrange them daringly, why don't you taste the Tsujiguchi's world.

821st Century Museum Of Contemporary Art Kanazawa

A Symbolic Art Of This Museum 'The Swimming Pool'

Leandro Erich's 'The Swimming Pool' is very attractive to take pictures! It's can be seen both from the ground and inside the pool, and you can see from the ground for free.

9Kanazawa Station

Kanazawa's Symbol! A Great Tuzumi-mon Gate Born From A Traditional Performing Arts Of Japan

A beautiful architecture in front of Kanazawa station, it's called Tuzumi-mon borrowing its motif from tuzumi, a kind of drums used in a traditional performing arts 'Nogaku'. With a Motemashi Dome in it, they emanate great presences.

10Kanazawa Umimirai Library

A Library Selected As The Most Beautiful 4 Libraries In The World By BBC

The novel and beautiful building that has won many prizes such as Good Design Award and the most attractive 20 libraries in the world (the major travel guide in USA) is worth seeing at least once. You can see inside as you like, and after making application, you can take pictures.

11Grill Otsuka

Kanazawa Local's Favorite Food! Very Big Hanton Rice

Ketchup rice, fluffy egg, fried whitefish and shrimp. On all of those, ketchup and tartar sauce are decoratively spread. For it has plenty amount, visit this restaurant after you become hungry. They have smaller size, too.


Shaved Ice Like Light Snow At A High-end Japanese Café In Kanazawa

Very thinly shaved ice containing air is so fluffy that seems to melt only at a touch. It's excellent with homemade syrup of seasonal food. You can eat it all easily though it looks big.

13USHIOYA Higashi Chayagai

Lunch At Higashi Chayagai, Kanazawa! Rice Bowl Of Special Seafood With Seared Yellowtail

At a restaurant 'Ushioya' in Higashi Chayagai District, Kanazawa, you can eat Donburi (rice bowl) and Zosui (rice porridge) of seafood caught in Ishikawa Prefecture. I ordered Ushioya Special Set for which the chef decides the seafood on that day. That was a really gorgeous Donburi with their specialty Seared Yellowtail (Buri-no Tataki) and sea urchin egg!

14The Second Best Freshly Baked Molonpan Ice In The World (Sekai de nibamme ni oisii yakitate melonpan aisu)

Very Popular Street Food In Kanazawa! Freshly Baked Melon-pan Ice Cream

Very nice combination of hot melonpan (melon-shaped bun) & cold ice cream became popular in no time. Now you can eat it all over Japan, but you must eat the original one in Kanazawa main store!

15Kanazawa Castle Park

Fascinating Harmony Between Picturesque Kanazawa Castle & Cherry Blossom

Kanazawa Castle Park adjoining Kenroku-en Garden, a well-known place for cherry blossom. On Ohori-dori Street (between Kenroku-en and Castle Park) and Hasuikemon-dori (a street from Konya-zaka to Mayumi-zaka guchi), the scene of 360 cherry blossom trees, Someiyoshino, are the highlights.

16MORIHACHI Higashi Sambancho

Japanese Sweets Of 'Morihachi' At A Cafe In Higashi Chayagai, Kanazawa

Morihachi is a long established shop of wagashi, Japanese traditional confectionary. Their cafe opens in an old house at Higashi Chayagai District, Kanazawa. These lovely sweets has excellent sweetness with maccha (green tea), and superb smooth texture, which you can taste the Japanese prominent skills.

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