Suimeikan is one of the best hotels to travel in Gero-shi, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for reviews, reservation, access, map, spots nearby and photos of Suimeikan posted by Japanese travelers in the know.[last modified: ]

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A Balcony You Can See a Shining White Hida's Snowscape

Snows on the mountain dazzle and Hida River makes a indescribable beautiful snowscape. In the building ' Rinsen-kaku', all rooms have balconies where the superb view of Hida can be seen.

Hida's Local Dishes You Can Eat in a Hotel Room

Hida beef and so on, the local dishes used mainly local foodstuffs. The famous dish 'hoba-yaki' is Hida beef grilled on a hoba leaf with miso. The good smell of a leaf wrapping the beef taste is wonderful.