Villa Santorini

Villa Santorini is one of the best hotels to travel in Tosa-shi, Kochi Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for reviews, reservation, access, map, spots nearby and photos of Villa Santorini posted by Japanese travelers in the know.[last modified: ]

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The moving scenery makes me wonder how many times I can see such a beautiful sunrise in my life. Winter season, the location of a cliff, and a foreign atmosphere, many factors make the encounter with the beautiful sunrise.


The Perfect Santorini In Japan

The Resort hotel is perfect Santorini in Japan. And the ocean view is as beautiful as Aegean Sea.


Santorini's archetect is traditionally hollowed out a cliff. A guest room repuroduce the traditional archetect with fidelity is decorated with original interior to be a fashonable room.


This superb ocean view spreading in front of my eyes is like the Aegean Sea. I could enjoy a luxury time to my heart's content.

Because here is based on a image of Santorini, they prepare a Greek yogurt for breakfast. I was impressed with the rich taste very much. I ate elaborated breakfast on a set with a fine view.