Manabiya Cafe

Manabiya Cafe is one of the best cafes to go in Shobara, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.  Here're guides for time, booking, menu, access, map, spots nearby, reviews and photos of Manabiya Cafe posted by Japanese travelers who have actually been there.

Manabiya Cafe 2 Reviews

Manabiya Cafe is a small cafe renovated from a closed school standing in a woods. Their Plate-Lunch with many vegetables are prepared till the stocks out, so it's better to reserve. I had three-kinds set cake, too. There were cheese, chocolate, and chiffon cakes. I also like soufflé pancake.

Manabiya Cafe was renovated from a closed school. I ate lunch which is a good-seller and prepared only the stocks out. It has many vegetables that make your body happier, and you can choose soufflé pancake instead of rice. Their soufflé pancake is a popular menu also during tea-time.