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The Taste & Volume Loved In Hakodate! Japan's No.1 Local Hamburger

A local food that explode the image of 'a retro town Hakodate'. The most popular one loved by also the local people, Chinese Chicken Burger with spicy deep fried chicken bigger than buns is very good!



2-3-18 Suehiro-cho, hakodate-shi, hokkaido




10:00-0:30 [Sat]10:00-1:30



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Men-chubo Ajisai Honten

Golden Soup Is Addictive! Hakodate Salt Ramen At A Long Established Restaurant

Established more than 70 years ago, Men-chubo Ajisai. This main store prepares the original stock soup of tangles mainly, pig-bone and chicken-bone broth with it. This full-bodied and shining gold soup is excellent with the noodles.

Mt.Hakodate Ovsebatory Restaurant Genova

Hakodate Gourmet You Can Enjoy At A Special Seat With A Complete View Of Hakodate

Mt.Hakodate's observatory restaurant Genova offers Hakodate's seafood like squids and specialty, Matsumae-zuke. Also you can enjoy the changing scenery until it gets dark. At the time you finish dinner, the awesome night view spreads in front of you! I was deeply moved and couldn't say anything else.

Green Gables

Strawberry Chiffon Cake Loved By YUKI, A Famous Singer Born In Hakodate

Ann of Green Gables' is a motif of this house, and they have gathered the nice antique goods. YUKI, a singer of JUDY AND MARY, has loved this chiffon cake, which is very fluffy. They said, she had taken a window seat and written the lyrics.

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