Sangosho is one of the best restaurants to travel in Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for reviews, menu, hours, access, map and photos of Sangosho posted by Japanese travelers in the know.
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Super Yummy! 'Beef Cutlet Curry' Of A Famous Curry Restaurant In Shonan

The head restaurant of 'Sangosho' has so popular 'beef cutlet curry' that people are ready to wait in a line to eat. Because of the fine quality lean beef, it's possible to fry lightly with less coating of batter to keep the vivid color, and then it becomes superb combination with rich curry sauce. It would be interesting for you to have counter seats because you can see the chef preparing the meat elaborately.



3-1-2 Higashi Shichirigahama, kamakura-shi, kanagawa









Nearby Foods & Restaurants

Hayama Hikage-chaya

Don't Miss Here In Hayama! A Long Established Japanese Restaurant That Appears In A Song 'Kamakura Monogatari' Of SAS

As a registered cultural asset, a Japanese restaurant with a remains of an old inn. With a Japanese garden view behind the green bamboos, their 'Kaiseki' cuisine uses mainly the local foodstuffs. I want to feel the stories and colors of the season on the plates, and enjoy this restaurant calmly like the lyrics of SOUTHERN ALL STARS.

Bills Shichirigahama Store

Ricotta Pancake You can Eat In front of the Ocean

bills' is well known as the best breakfast in the world. The first shop in Japan, in Hichiriga-hama you can taste the spongy ricotta pancakes while seeing the ocean view.

Teuchi Kama-age Udon Kamakura MIYOSHI

Chewy Kama-age Udon Noodle With Japanese Sake Selected By The Owner

Located at Komachi Dori Street, this is a 'udon restaurant offering also sake' and has been introduced in Michelin Guide 2015. Udon is of course delicious, crisp tempura of Kamakura vegetables and shirasu (whitebait) bowl are also the local specialties.

Kita Kamakura Nafu・Ichi

Healthy Soup Curry Of Kamakura Vegetables Offered At A Relaxing Restaurant Like Your Home

When you get a little tired of walking around Kamakura. It's not like a currently popular renovated old-house restaurant, but really like a detached house where you can feel easy. A restaurant of spicy soup curry with 10 kinds of Kamakura vegetables.

Maison de Yukinoshita

A Lunch And Sweets In A Quiet And Good Sense Café Suitable For Kamakura

The first floor of the neat building is a café where they serve lunch with a drink and a cake for 1550 yen. The second floor is a French restaurant serving a set of desserts and a drink for 1100 yen.

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