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Overwhelming Presence! Shining Futuristic Tower Designed By Arata Isozaki

An art tower of 100m height was built as a commemoration of 100 years of Mito city government. Taking an elevator to the observatory at 86m above the ground, you can have a wide view of Mito town and faraway Mt.Fuji through the round window.

Magnificent Sounds Of Biggest Pipe Organ Made By Japanese

It's set up on the second floor of the entrance hall whose design adopted a style of European church building. On weekends, promenade concert is held, and anyone can enjoy the beautiful sounds without any entrance fee.



1-6-8 Goken-cho, mito-shi, ibaraki








Bus: 10min from Mito Station, get off at 'Izumi-cho Icchome' then walk 2min. Car: 20min from Mito IC.



Nearby Things To Do

Kairakuen Garden

A Fantastic Night Of Early Spring! Full-blown Plum Trees And Illuminated Kairaku Garden

I introduce 'night・plum blossoms・fastival'. On March 12, you can enjoy the candle night and skyrockets set off from Senba Lake as well as the illuminated plum trees. Why don't you come to plum festival's finale in Mito to feel the fantastic night of early spring?

Mito Kōmon Festival Firework

Semba Lake Firework Festival Falling To The Art Tower

The light shower falling to the city. Large-flowered fireworks against the background of Mito's symbol art tower. You can see the fireworks leisurely because it's far from the heavy crowd.

Mito Hachiman Shrine

Beautiful Hydrangeas Blooming In The Precinct

Mito Hachiman Shrine is selected as '100 Most Beautiful Scenery In Ibaraki', '100 Must Visit Tourist Spots In Mito', and also '100 Best Scenery In Mito Chosen By Mito Local People'. There're 50 kinds and 5000 trees of hydrangea blooming beautifully in the precinct.

Howaen Garden

Howaen, A Garden Of 6000 Hydrangeas

Howaen Garden has 100 kinds and 6000 hydrangeas. Many colors were in beautifully full-bloom.

Nanatsudo Park

Roses Blooming At A 19th Century's English Garden

The English garden located in Nanatsudo Park has various flowers in each season, and popular as a shooting location for wedding photos.

Mito Station

Plastic Umbrellas Displayed Only During Mito Kōmon Festival

Displayed only during Mito Kōmon Festival, 'Oasis Umbrella Shadow & Wind Deck' in front of the clock tower at North Gate of Mito Station. Massages from the local elementary school students are on the umbrellas. Mito Kōmon Festival is held till 8/5.

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