Most Instagenic Places In Ibaraki Prefecture

Here're most Instagenic places in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. There're many Instagram worthy places you can get 'like' in your SNS, such as 'HITACHI SEASIDE PARK' famous for its blue nemophila carpet, and 'Kashima Seaside Industrial Area' of a factory night view like SF. Then, we selected best Instagenic places from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Ibaraki.

15 Most Instagenic Places In Ibaraki Prefecture


Blue World! A Flower Garden Of The Same Color As The Sky

Now, people from not only Japan but also all over the world visit here without a break. Miharashi Hills have proudly blooming nemophilas with so wonderful blue view at Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki. I want you all to visit here at least once, because it's the best one among tourist attractions.

2Ryujin Suspension Bridge

Sea Of Clouds Will Appear In Summer & Autumn! Ryujin Suspension Bridge In The Sky

I've found a beautiful sky scenery also in Ibaraki! Ryujin Suspension Bridge floating on the sea of clouds. Early morning after humid and very cold night will be a good chance to see them. It's like a dragon, Ryujin, gong to come out!

3Oarai Isosaki Shrine

What a Nice Collaboration of the Two! The Sunrise over the Shrine Gate 'Kamiiso Shrine Gate'

The Kamiiso Shrine is famous as a spiritual place. Because it is on seashore and face to due east, the sunrise view looks mystic and attracts visitors. But it is dependent upon the weather.

4Kokaigawa Fureai Park

Like A Flower Carpet! About Two Million Poppies At Kokaigawa Fureai Park

Every year in May, colorful flower carpets of two million poppies and a million pot marigolds spread in Kokaigawa Fureai Park. Flower fields in front of the Mt.Tsukuba are popular as spots for taking pictures.

5Kairakuen Garden

A Fantastic Night Of Early Spring! Full-blown Plum Trees And Illuminated Kairaku Garden

I introduce 'night・plum blossoms・fastival'. On March 12, you can enjoy the candle night and skyrockets set off from Senba Lake as well as the illuminated plum trees. Why don't you come to plum festival's finale in Mito to feel the fantastic night of early spring?

6Koga Fireworks Festival

This Summer's Most Moving Fireworks In Koga! And Most Beautiful 'Saishoku Senrin' In Japan

I introduce this summer's most moving fireworks display in Koga! It's finale was emblazoned by 'Saishoku Senrin' a kind of Japanese skyrocket. It was shot off in the sky far above the Koga town, and the thousands of small flowers blooming in the night sky are awesome! Please come to see them on this spot next year!

7Art Tower Mito

Overwhelming Presence! Shining Futuristic Tower Designed By Arata Isozaki

An art tower of 100m height was built as a commemoration of 100 years of Mito city government. Taking an elevator to the observatory at 86m above the ground, you can have a wide view of Mito town and faraway Mt.Fuji through the round window.


Digital Art Inspired By A Leader Of Japanese Art, Tenshin Okakura

KENPOKU ART is underway on the sea and mountains in north of Ibaraki. Team Lab, specialists of various digital fields, exhibit a fantastic digital art at Tenshin Memorial Museum Of Ibaraki. You can't miss it!

9Kashima Seaside Industrial Area

Like SF! The Unrealistic Night View Of A Large Industrial Area

It has more spots to view than any other areas of factory night views. From a park commanding a whole view or an observatory, you can enjoy seeing the night industrial area safely.

10Tsukuba Botanical Garden

Like Modern Arts!! Fascinating Colors And Shapes Of Plants Gathered From All Over The World

They cultivate more than 7000 kinds of domestic and foreign plants, from the torrid to arid zone, in about 14ha site. Specially, there're many rare plants in the three hothouses, then you'll surely be enthralled by its unique colors and shapes that can't be seen in Japan.

11Mt.Tsukuba Plum Garden

Let's Feel The Coming Of Spring! Somehow, The Familiar Mountains And A Gallery Of Plums In Full Bloom

I introduce the plum blossoms festival of Mt.Tsukuba that makes us feel 'somehow the familiar the scenery of mountains in Japan'. The best season to see the blossoms has come, and you can command a view of Kanto Plains from Azuma hut! Spring coming soon! Let's feel the coming of spring!

12Chateau Kamiya

Must Destination For Wine Lovers! Japan's First Genuine Wine Brewery

A memorial hall and a French restaurant in a national important cultural asset building. Thinking about the history of Japanese wine, please enjoy tasting the original wine you can't meet elsewhere. You must see the storehouse in a memorial hall!

13Koga Park

Japan's No.1 Peach Blossoms That Colors Vast 25ha Site Into Pink

There are five kinds and 1500 peach blossom trees are abloom. And such a sight is like an earthly paradise! The appearance reflected in the lake is also beautiful and many people come here the photogenic spot of a superb view.

14Flower Park Ibaraki

The Aroma Of World's Roses. A Garden Of Flowers & Greens

Roses of all over the world, 800 kinds and 30000 trees are planted here. Other than rose, seasonal flowers like hydrangea and dahlia you can enjoy seeing throughout a year.

15Ishioka-shi Nakamachi Shopping District

Nostalgic Townscape With Billboard Architecture

A retro shopping district with lined billboard architecture that are decorated only the fronts with mortar, sheet copper and tiles. Looking for billboard architecture, you can enjoy feeling like a time travel to the past.

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