Best Cafes And Sweets In Busshozan, Kagawa Prefecture

Best cafes and sweets shops at a nostalgic town Busshozan with remains of historical townscape. It belongs to Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. You can have a great time at a fashionable cafe renovated from a retro building. Then, we selected best cafes and sweets shops from 'special places to travel in Kagawa, Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Busshozan.

7 Best Cafes And Sweets In Busshozan, Kagawa Prefecture

1Bussyozan Onsen Tenpyouyu (Hot Spring)

Dessert After Taking Bath, Moderate Sweetness of Shaved Ice With Brown Sugar Syrup

This fashionable hot spring facility has many meal menu. I recommend it after you warm up.

2Café Asile

A Café Renovated From An Old House With Gentle Sunlights & Nostalgia

It's a popular café at Busshozan, a town with some retro buildings. I like the interior that makes me feel the gentle sunlights and the warmth of wood. And they prepare full menu such as seasonal original sweets and egg sandwiches.

3Café Asile

Kanzaki-ya Sauce Pasta

They use a sauce of a long established vinegar shop 'Kanzaki-ya' in Busshozan. I've been a big fan of Kanzaki-ya's sauce, this meat sauce pasta is delicious to make me addicted. Meat is also plenty!

4Temmaya Sando

Owner's Bread Baking Hobby Had Become Popular And This Café Was Born In A Tangible Cultural Property Of A Temple Town

This café was renovated from a house as a tangible cultural property in Busshozan which remains the atmosphere of historical temple town. Bread baked by the owner who had run a dry goods store here became popular, and they opened this bread café. Delicious breads and buns with full of vegetables that get everyone become a fan of this cafe!

5Temmaya Sando

Tangible Cultural Property Renovated Tastefully! And Sandwich With Delicious Buns

A café in a renovated building of a tangible cultural property at a retro town. The owner had baked bread as a hobby and become popular. That's because their sandwich full of vegetable has so delicious buns.


Busshozan's Specialty! Hard Baked Cream Puff

Its dough is so crisp that you can't meet such a cream puff elsewhere. They fill the cream after your order. Then they set the expiration date for only 30 minutes!


Specialty Cafe Of Herb Tea Standing At Heike Pond Side

A specialty herb tea cafe standing at a calm residential area facing to Heike Pond in Busshozan, Kagawa Prefecture. Medical herb coordinator makes the original blend of tea. You can eat lunch and sweets with such herb tea in an elegant room.


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