Seiryo-ji Temple (Saga Shaka-do)
kyoto-shi, kyoto

Bust Into Flames To The Spring Night Sky! 'Otaimatsu' Of Saga Shaka-do, One Of The 3 Biggest Flame Festival In Kyoto


Otaimatsu' had originally divined the good or bad harvest of rice. 7 meters tall three torches come into flames and lighten the spring night sky. You can see it so close as to be showered with sparks!

Seiryo-ji Temple (Saga Shaka-do)

46 Fujinoki-cho Sagashakado Ukyo-ku, kyoto-shi, kyoto


Otaimatsu' is held on 3/15 every year and starts around 20:00. On the same day, 'Nehan-e' (15:00~) and 'Saga Dainenbutsu-kyogen' (15:30~) are also carried out. You can see them for free.

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