Flower Park Urashima

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Autumn Photogenic Spot! Nice View Of Cosmos & Seto Inland Sea

Flower Park Urashima is in Mitoyo which has many beautiful places. Marguerite in spring, and cosmos in autumn blooms here in front of the Seto Inland Sea. The collaboration of the sea and the flowers is really gorgeous!
Best season is from the middle of October. In 2017, they will start to cut the cosmos on 10/30. Free parking lot is available.

The Superb Flower and Ocean View in the Town that is the Top Marguerite Producer

The beautiful sight with a lot of white and pink marguerites seems a carpet made from cherry blossoms and snow. The view includes the Setouchi islands is a miracle and I felt affection of the local people from it. The best season is May.


Flower Park Urashima
529-1 Tsumu Takuma-cho, mitoyo-shi, kagawa

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