Red Pumpkin
kagawa-gun, kagawa

Red Pumpkin By Yayoi Kusama At The Island Of Art | Naoshima, Japan

Red Pumpkin is one of the art sites to see in Naoshima (The Art Island), Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. It's an art work by Kusama Yayoi and you can find it just next to Miyaura Port. Here's guide for map, how to get there, spots nearby, attractions and photos of Red Pumpkin posted by Japanese travelers in the know.

Red Pumpkin


2249-49 Miyaura Naoshima-cho, kagawa-gun, kagawa


Open space just near Miyaura Port



A Photogenic Art 'Red Pumpkin' At The Entrance Of Naoshima Island

Yayoi Kusama's art work 'Red Pumpkin' located near a ferry port. You'll see it first just after you arrive at Naoshima. You can enter its inside. Let's take amusing photos of this photogenic art.
At the open space of a ferry port at Miyaura. You can see it for free. Find it from a ferry deck just before arrival.

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