Hakone Jukkoku Touge Cable Car

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Sky Cable Car You Can Enjoy The Panoramic View Of Mt.Fuji

Jukkoku Pass is located between Hakone and Izu. You can go up the top in 3 minutes by a cable car and it's a spot of stunning panoramic view of Mt.Fuji, Hakone, Manazuru Peninsula and Sizuoka. Must-visit place when you travel in Hakone and Izu.
Access: about 25km from Odawara. 40 min toward Atami on the 20th Prefectural Road via Hakone Shindo Road. Fare for cable car: adult ¥720 child ¥360 dog ¥200



1400-20 Kuwahara, tagata-gun, shizuoka



Nearby Things To Do


Moving Rise Above Fear!? Japan's Longest Suspension Bridge With A Nice View Of Mt.Fuji

400meters longest suspension bridge for only persons on foot spans at Hakoneseiroku. To the small goal in the distance at the other side, if you fear the swinging steps, let's hold a handrail, look up and walk forward! Being fascinated at Suruga Bay and Mt.Fuji, your fear will change into the feeling like walking in the sky.

Nikko-tei Oyu

You Can Make A Success If You Take This Renowned Onsen Loved By Also Ieyasu Tokugawa

A huge open-air onsen which 20 grown-ups take together at the same tome! At Atami, 'Nikko-tei Oyu' is a onsen for day trip and you can take a renowned onsen that was Ieyasu Tokugawa's favorite. The onsen texture is light! I was excited when I took the same bath as the general family took.

Atami Kaijyo Hanabi Event

Impressive Sound Of Skyrockets

Because of the surrounding mountains, the sound of skyrockets reverberate impressively and the presence is moving. The skyocket named Niagara is well known.


Beautiful Gradations Woven By A Glow In The Morning Sky You can See Near A Pier

In the early morning while I travel in Atami, went out to a walk toward the sea, I happened to met the beautiful glow in the morning sky.

Atami Sun-Beach

Summer Beach Resort With White Sands And Palm Trees

A popular beach crowded with many people.

Ile De Vacance 3seigo

A Flock Of Seagulls Seen Closely From The Deck

A comfortable breeze makes the nice scenery with seagulls.

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