Yakushima Island

Attraction Of Yakushima Island

A Tree Stump Looks Heart Shape You See From The Inside

It's a Yaku-sugi cedar named Wilson stump. I could enter the inside and it looks heart shape seen up the sky from a certain angle.

A Moss Grown Forest Of 'Princess Mononoke'

Shirataniun suikyo valley in Yakushima is a model of a popular work of Studio Ghibli 'Princess Mononoke'. The moss grown forest is wrapped in a mysterious atmosphere.

A Trolley Road Enclosed With Greens

To go to Jomon-sugi cedar, it'll be a one way distance of five hours walk, more than a half way is on such a trolley road. I think the trolley road itself is beautiful scenery you cannot see except Yakusima.

Over 2000 Years Old Huge Trees Such As Jomon Cedar And Daio Cedar

On the way to famous Jomon cedar, there are many trees over 2000 years old and you can touch its power of life even. Jomon cedar is most famous but there are many other spots to see like Daio cedar and Meoto Cedar.

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