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  • 7/9/1986
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127 Travel Tips [1-20]


A famous place of moss in Tokushima, Mt.Yamainu-dake. You can make a tour of mini-88 Jizo which is an easy type of genuine pilgrimage of 88 temples in Shikoku. You can get a sense of accomplishment after seeing 88th jizo, so let's make a challenge.


Komatsuya serves whitebaits heaped up on the rice bowl (Shirasu Don), and it's the biggest attraction of this shop. Since they're originally a wholesaler of whitebait, and use the whitebait caught at nearby Wadajima Fishery Port, you can eat the supreme one that you cannot find any faults.


Sanagi-shima Island is located on the Seto Inland Sea, and it has become well known as a 'cat island' where the number of cats is bigger then that of people. In the island, the cats will welcome you.


You can see the runway of Itami Airport from the bank of Senri-gawa River. And at night, the runway glitters and compose the fantastic night view with airplanes landing and taking off. It's worth seeing at all and also the nice photo spot.


At the bank of Senri-gawa River, you can see the airplanes landing and taking off the Itami Airport at very close. Got into the news because of the commercial of Google, this location gives photo opportunities of special moment of sunset sky and airplanes.


Near Itami Airport, at the bank of Senri River, you can enjoy the powerful planes landing and taking off at close range. I even get scared when the landing plane passes just above my head.


Naruto Sky Line can commend the view of Uchino Sea as well as Naruto Strait famous for the swirling currents. On sunny day, we can enjoy refreshing drive, and people who like cars and stunning views must like it.


Mt.Yamainu-dake is a famous spot of moss in Tokushima. The spreading moss scenery in front of your eyes is like Shiratani-unsui kyo Valley at famous Yakushima. People who like moss and plants or if you are not, also can enjoy walking around the mountain.


Jinko-ji has as tall as 15m wisteria trellis that you hardly ever see other places. You can enjoy seeing the strong appearance of beautiful wisteria climbing to the sky.


At Iya in Tokushima, Kazura Bridge is one of the three most curious bridges in Japan. The bridge is made from hardy kiwi. You can enjoy the thrills of creaking and swinging of the bridge and nice view of the valley at the same time.


Kamiyama-cho in Tokushima aims to become a No.1 town of weeping cherry blossom in Japan. Among many other places, here is the largest spot within Tokushima. Especially, cherry trees beside the staircase welcome the visitors dynamically.


You can see the numberless weeping cherry blossoms and forsythia at the same time in Yuka-no Sato. Seen over the back of Kannon statue, the scenery may make you want to pray somehow.


Bicchu Matsuyama Castle is located in Takahasi, Okayama, and proud of its the highest position among the other castles with existing castle towers. If you are in exact timing with a sea of clouds, you can see very fantastic scene of the castle.


One and a half hours by a boat from Ishigaki Island, Hateruma-jima is a southernmost island where people live. You can enjoy beautiful sea in the daytime and starry sky at night. And more, the tasteful sunset is so special scenery that it makes me feel stronger that I stand at the edge of the country.


Katsuura Sakura Festival, of course nice in full bloom, is an attractive spot that petals cover the river surface after fall. At the festival, there're many things to do and see such as boat ride, snack bars and trolley.


On the shore of Itoshima, a big torii gate stands in front of the 'meoto-iwa', a pair of rocks like man and wife. The combination of the setting sun and torii is very photogenic, but even in the daytime I recommend, you can feel the sacred atmosphere here in this spiritual power spot.


Misaki Shrine, located on Sata-misaki Point in Kagoshima, is surrounded by the tropical plants such as banyan and palm trees. A little strange scenery that a shrine stands in a tropical mood, but you can feel the unique holy air here.


Hachisuka-zakura reaches its best at the beginning of March and is a kind of early cherry blossoms in Tokushima. You can see it at Harada family's house, a registered national cultural asset. Its deeper pink blossoms are very pretty, and it's worth seeing because the tree is high enough.