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The Sushi of Sanuki Beef (Gold Rank) that is Sanuki Style of Delicious Marbled Meat

The restaurant serves a Sanuki beef (Gold Rank). The delicious sushi melted in my mouth!

The Tower of Five Lunch Boxes You Should Oder When Visit Zentsuji, a Birthplace of Kukai

This lunch boxes is imitated the five storied pagoda of Zentsuji Shrine. The appearance appeals strongly but in the boxes the special seafoods you can taste. You sould eat this lunch boxes here in Zentsuji!



2-5-26 Kamiyoshida-cho, zentsuji-shi, kagawa






1st・3rd・5th Sun


Free parking area is available



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A Rich Udon Of Tosa Soy Sauce And Duck Meat Grilled With Salt!

The chef who had trained at Japanese restaurant in Paris cooks the unusual rich udon. Juicy grilled duck meat with soy sauce and wasabi create so delicious tastes of Japanese style. Like making the noodle longer, it becomes smooth and chewy.

Nagata in Kanoka

Kama-age Udon Noodle, With Secret Dipping Sauce Of The Order Of A Cultural Asset

Kama-age udon's values are certainly its chewiness of noodle and dipping sauce. They are rumored to be the best of Kama-age restaurant. You can enjoy the very genuine udon noodle's texture because they always provide us with freshly boiled udon. In addition, their dipping sauce was instructed by Masaru Doi who was a leading figure on Japanese food and born in Kagawa. It's not too much to say that the dipping sauce is a kind of cultural asset!

Café & Restaurant Kamitsubaki

A Café Managed By Shiseido Parlour In Kompira Shrine, A Spiritual Power Spot

At the 500th step of the stone stairs, Kamitsubaki is must place when you visit Kompira. A long-established and famous in Tokyo, Ginza, Shiseido Parlour manages this café. You can enjoy the genuine sweets of Kagawa foodstuffs even you are in the precincts of the shrine. Cute Kamitsubaki Parfait with Kagawa's candy 'oiri' is special.

Kaikosha Café

Yes, Sir! Zentsuji Army's Hamburger With Thickly Sliced Roast Beef Sticking Out Of The Buns

A café adjoining an important cultural asset Old-Zentsuji Kaikousya. Roast beef between rye bread is not very strong as it looked.

Kompira Udon

Sanuki Udon Noodle You Must Eat When Visiting Kompira! Thick & Chewy 'Shoyu-ten'

Shoyu-ten means soy sauce and tempura. Kompira Udon is the building as a tangible cultural property standing out at the entrance path. The distinctive features of Sanuki Udon, chewy thick noodle and the texture like clinging my teeth can be made by only the skills of a craftsman. Just fried prawn tempura, dried bonito 'katsuobushi', and soy sauce make the best combination.

Ikkaku Dokigawa-Store

Juicy And Spicy Chicken With Born

Kagawa is famous for udon noodle, but in recent years, grilled chicken with born becomes popular. This spicy chicken is excellent with beer.

Tossaka Manjyu

Tossaka Manju Steamed Up By Secret Amazake

A traditional manju shop opened more than 150 years ago. A chewy dough steamed up by a secret amazake and smooth bean jam in it. It's sweet but a little salty in just degree.

Sanuki Ramen Hamando

The First Sanuki Ramen Made From Wheat Flour For Udon

Hamando is famous for the first Sanuki ramen restaurant. Chewy flat noodles made from flour for udon and stock soup of meat and seafood. Though it looks full of oil, tastes light. The local ramen made from the locally grown foodstuffs is very attractive.


Interior Designed By Famous Designers Like Inokuma Genichiro

This fashionable café has interior or general goods designed by artists who has some relations with Inokuma Genichiro. Specially, Isamu Noguchi's deigned interior in the cafe will make the fans happy.

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