Itsukushima Shrine
hatsukaichi-shi, hiroshima

Itsukushima Shrine


1-1 Miyajima-cho, hatsukaichi-shi, hiroshima







The Vermilion Lacquered Shrine Built On the Sea Like Dragon Palace 'Ryugu Castle'

Hiroshima boasts as the World Cultural Heritage. The mystic and beautiful shrine building seems to float on the sea. It's one of the most beautiful historical facilities, so it will attract people all over the world.

Midwinter Itsukushima Srine. A Red Torii Gate Enveloped In A Mist

A red torii gate in the sunshine is of course nice, but misted Istukushima Shrine has an aura of divinity in midwinter. You can go to the torii gate closer by JR ferry than others.

A Moving Scene Of Torii & Fireworks In Summer Night Miyajima

Miyajima of Hiroshima Prefecture, has large fireworks display every summer. The scene of fireworks behind the torii gives us goose bumps. I really want you all to see it actually ones in your lives.

Big Torii's Reflection At Low Tide!

You can see various beautiful figures of Itsukushima Shrine by the tidal current because its precinct partly belongs to the sea. Big Torii floating on the sea at high tide is wonderful, but what is more, at low tide, you can walk to it and see the beautiful reflection in the pool.
The most beautiful reflection can be seen when the Torii is soaked a little bit in the water. You need to look for a pool with no waves.

A World Heritage, Itsukushima Shrine You Can See Also Wild Animals

Many wild deer live in Miyajima, and they sometimes appear around Itsukushima Shrine. Not only deer, you see some wild birds such as herons and ducks. But, be careful not to be robbed your bag by deer!
Ferry is available from a port near Miyajima-guchi Station. Most parking areas are located around Miyajima-guchi Station. But in the seasons of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, Miyajima would be very crowded.

A Shrine Floating On The Sea Registered As A World Heritage

At flood tide, Itsukushima Shrine looks like floating on the sea. Every year, many sightseers visit the shrine with a dynamic and original style of the construction.

A Big Torii Gate Standing On The Shallow Seashore

It stands majestically at the high tide, and waits sightseers warmly at the low tide. At the same time, it show off the high level skills of architect on the sea ground.

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