Osaka Maishima Lily Garden

Osaka Maishima Lily Garden is one of the best places to travel in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. It opens for one month around June when the lilies are best to see. Here're guides for attractions, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Osaka Maishima Lily Garden posted by Japanese travelers in the know. In 2018, it opens from June 1st to July 1st. Admission fee: adult 1200 yen, student 1000 yen, and child 400 yen.[last modified: ]

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2.5 Million Lilies Blooming In Front Of The Osaka Bay

A flower field of 2.5 million lilies. It has an easy access from the city central, you can enjoy the beautiful flowers at ease. The scenery of full-bloom colorful lilies is very impressive. This year, they're going to transplant the 120 thousand bulbs, and renewal the flower field.
They have different opening hours by days of the week. The opening hours on weekends is longer, so you can see the lily garden with the sun setting to the Osaka Bay.

The Sea, Sky And Lilies

Osaka Maishima Lily garden is located just the side of the sea! It's very spacious and has incredible range of lily. I like this nice place with the sea breeze and the fragrance of lilies!



2 Hokukou-ryokuchi Konohana-ku, osaka-shi, osaka


By bus: 30 min from Nishi-kujo Station to Maishima Sport Island. 15 min from JR Sakurajima Station, or 20 min from Kosumo-square Station to Lodge Maishima. By taxi or car: 20 min from Osaka Station. Parking area is available.



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